How does capricorn act in a long distance relationship?


For Capricorn, a long distance relationship is much easier than you think. He may at first be reluctant to have such a relationship because he is so traditional. Capricorn likes to have all their future planned and to have fixed long-term plans. For that reason, such a relationship can be a bit overwhelming. Since he needs to be clear at all times and when it does not go as he / she expects, he gradually becomes discouraged. Capricorn is a very practical sign, it is one of those that has to be seen to be believed.

But little by little, when he gets used to having a relationship like this, things change. Capricorn is a very faithful sign and, above all, very ambitious. If something is proposed, he does everything possible to do his best. Therefore, when he gets into a relationship of this type, he is one of those that he will never leave, no matter how difficult it is. It will always make your relationship work and be successful.

He takes relationships, even these types of relationships, very seriously and is always prepared to do anything for them. He is so faithful that, if his partner needs help and he / she is not there present, he is able to get on any plane and stand there.

Of course, for it to really work, Capricorn needs to feel that the other person is doing their part and that they also trust the relationship to the maximum. If you feel that you are the only person pulling the car, the only person who puts all your effort, Capri will soon talk things out and end that relationship. It is super important for him / her in any type of relationship to feel reciprocated, but in such a relationship, he / she needs so much more. You need to feel support, affection, respect, trust, whatever the kilometers in between. And if you are not willing to give him all that, you better not even try.

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