How does cancer act when they fall in love?


You are the most emotional heart of the Zodiac, Cancer. You always act and are guided by what your heart and your emotions tell you. It is true that this can sometimes play a bit against you because it makes you a person who falls in love very easily, but it is when you find true love that everything begins to change.

You are ruled by the Moon, Cancer, and that makes you very mysterious and at the same time a sea of constantly changing feelings that come and go. You are very sensitive and intuitive and all this makes you one of the most difficult signs to know. Usually Cancer, you don’t feel comfortable when someone tries to get to know you. But when you fall in love, you even surprise yourself.

The only thing you want is that that person wants to know more about you, that that person dares to dive into your emotions, your feelings and your mood swings.
You want nothing more than to bond with that person and always be by their side. You leave all your fears behind and open yourself up to show him the universe that is within you. When you truly fall in love with someone, Cancer, you become a vulnerable person, but at the same time a strong person who is not afraid to bring his dark side to light.

But Cancer, you are so kind, so generous, so good to everyone that your heart may have been broken more than once. People play with your confidence like who plays with a toy. But you know that you are truly in love when you are not afraid to trust someone and when you feel that you can trust that person again. When you are in a healthy relationship, you let go of all your doubts, your fears, and your insecurities. You can change a lot when you fall in love, Cancer, but always for the better ...

You are used to taking care of the needs of others, that you forget about your own. Even Cancer, you don’t let anyone take care of your needs, you prefer the other person to be happy. But once you give your heart to a person, you start to let yourself be loved. It is true that all you want is to make your partner happy, but for once, you start to let someone take care of you and go the extra mile to make you completely happy.

When you fall in love, you discover what it is like to have someone do things for you and that makes you feel good about both yourself and the relationship. For once, Cancer, you begin to have faith in others and you begin to trust that someone is going to give you everything you need, someone is going to give you everything you give for him / her .

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