How does cancer act in a long distance relationship?


For Cancer, long distance relationships are not a dish of good taste ... It is a sign that needs much more security than any other and that in a long distance relationship is very difficult to achieve. In addition to security, Cancer needs that feeling of home that arms give him, he needs to have something physical to go to when he has a shitty day. Things are like that and it must be recognized that Cancer is a person who needs a lot of attention and a lot of physical contact. On this side, a long distance relationship is a great challenge for the crab.

It is quite dependent on real love, on that love that can be touched. And, in addition, you also need to make plans for the future together and that in a long distance relationship has a lot to do with it.

In addition, another of the problems that Cancer will have in a long-distance relationship is the lack of communication. At the end of the day, in a long distance relationship there are many kilometers that separate you from that person and that makes the connection and the fire that exists between Cancer and its partner diminish every time. And that distance makes it much more difficult for him to express his feelings and emotions and that for him / her in a relationship is something very important. Cancer is someone who is extremely emotionally attached to their soul mate.

But the good part of a long distance relationship for Cancer is that he is someone super faithful. If you really are in love with that person, it is someone who will do everything possible to bring that relationship afloat. And best of all, for love, Cancer is capable of crossing seas, oceans and climbing the highest mountain in the world. So, as might be expected, in a long-distance relationship, it won’t take long for you to leave your entire life and get on the first plane that will take you wherever that person you love so much is. Cancer for love is capable of anything ...

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