How does aquarius act when they fall in love?


It is very difficult for you to fall 100% in love with someone. For you, love is something that makes you feel very limited, something that costs you a lot to process. You are an extremely independent person and you want to protect your freedom however. But it is true, that deep down you are a person who believes in love and who hopes to find true love sometime in your life. Normally you are more about meeting people and living different adventures, rather than fully locking yourself in a relationship. But when you feel that you have found your soul mate and at the same time your best friend, you know that you have found true love.

Usually, Aquarius, your main mission in life is to be independent and to live by and for yourself. You are a person who greatly values your space and time alone. You need your daily dose to be able to remain true to your thoughts. But actually, when you start receiving love, you realize how special this makes you feel, you start to get a little addicted to that feeling. You will never be a person who depends on someone, but it actually makes you happy to be around your partner. Because if he is the right person, by his side you will never get bored.

You are someone who tries to run away as much as possible from having to express your feelings. You stay as far away from your emotions as possible.
You don’t want others to see you as someone vulnerable, someone sensitive who is 24/7 with emotions running high. Being in love, Aquarius, makes you change for the better, because unconsciously, love makes you closer to your emotions. And it is that for the relationship to work, Aquarius, you feel that you have to be true to your feelings and you have to start being much more open with your partner.

Even too, you start to be more honest with yourself. When you fall in love, the change you make is a change that greatly favors you and that makes you bring out the best version of yourself. Love, Aquarius, teaches you to lower your guard, not to always be obsessed with your freedom and, in addition, it changes your mood. You don’t realize it, but when you fall in love, the good vibes come back to your life and you start to see everything from a more optimistic point of view. But without a doubt, the best change of all is that it is in that moment when you are not afraid to be transparent with your feelings.

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