How Does a Cancer Ruin a Relationship?


Cancer, you need to be the one in control of the relationship. You are a person who when he falls in love wants to know everything and have everything from the other person. Many times you can seem a somewhat cloying person and you can even become somewhat invasive, for that reason, you need to control yourself. When you fall in love you feel so much that you lose control of absolutely everything. You want to know every little detail about that person and have a spectacular connection in every moment. But be careful, Cancer, not everything seems as easy as it seems. That you are such a sensitive person and that you feel so much does not mean that the other person is also like that. First of all, you should stop to know if the other person is like this or not, because if not, you can end up overwhelming them and ruining your relationship.

It is important that you know what that intermediate point is and that you know what your limits are and the limits of your partner, and, above all, Cancer, that you learn to control yourself.

You want to find that deep connection with your partner where you share absolutely everything, but sometimes, that connection can be too intense and will end up ruining your relationship. Cancer, you must learn to leave the necessary space for the other person because it will be there when they run back into your arms. Your love is so sincere and so strong that it is impossible for someone to refuse to receive it, but everything in its due time and in its due place.

You can also ruin your relationship because of your fear of not receiving the same that you are giving yourself. Many times you feel that the other person is not behaving as well as you are with them and you are afraid of feeling insignificant. Cancer, accept once and for all that you do not give yourself the same as the others. That in any relationship while others give you 50%, you give 100% or even more. But it is that your nature is like that and it is impossible to change it. Do not pressure yourself so much for that because it can be another reason that makes your relationship end. Cancer, remember, control your love and your feelings.

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