How Do You Express Your Anger According to Your Zodiac Sign?


When some make us angry, we can explore and take anyone, preferably whoever has hurt us, ahead of us. Either we can stay blocked in pure shock and leave the anger buried so that any day escapes without control or we release it little by little impregnated with revenge and resentment. How you express your anger according to your Zodiac sign:


Tantrums are the mark of the Aries house. It is difficult for Aries to be angry and restrained. If you can not attack anyone, some blow will take the computer keyboard, a door, the nearest chair, or the wall ... And as a tantrum that it is, it will pass soon (as long as it has not been anything serious). Aries calms down quickly, and anyone would say seeing her that a while ago she was the exorcist’s girl.

If the one in front of him and already knows what the subject is about, relaxes, and is calm, he will transmit that peace to Aries and of course will make him calm down faster. If it’s quite the opposite, Aries will light up more. Ah! then he may die of repentance and ask for forgiveness but he forgets soon and until the next.


Taurus is dropping clues that his anger is burning. He stays quieter than usual, you are more serious than normal… like the silence that precedes the tsunami. When it breaks, hold on tight because if not, your feet will be lifted off the ground. Taurus is a volcano and brings out everything, everything. The thing about that moment and some more pending accounts. This is how you express your anger according to your Zodiac sign.

Fortunately, they do it only occasionally if not, they would have to be admitted to the hospital to stabilize them from the tremendous excess. Or they would have to pay insurance for physical damage to the objects they fly around. Better to get away… poor chairs.


In his communicative line, angry, Gemini releases through his mouth what is not written. Very clear, that no one has any doubt about what he feels or thinks. And if the anger is great, from loud words to shouting them there is not much way. In between, there will be sarcasm and there will be every intention of crushing whoever has made him angry. And as the damage has been to tell Gemini, once again, what he has to do with his life, then prepare whoever it is because Gemini is going to make it clear what he can do with his. No hairs on the tongue…


When Cancer gets angry, his famous bad mood becomes more palpable than ever. In case anyone had heard of him but did not believe it seeing the sweetness that Cancer always spends, because he will have real proof of how angry Cancer is. Out of anger, or even before, Cancer passes or goes directly to its shell, closes the door, and the world that Cancer does not come out can already sink. That is, he does not speak to anyone who comes to ask for it.

But wait, wait, that the range of emotions does not end there because Cancer can cry until it makes a puddle if once angry it has not gotten the sweet and loving response it expected. In the end, when he no longer has tears or anguish left, he returns to the load, to ignore you until the end of days. There he no longer cares about anything, even if you beg and plead. The damage is done.


Angry Leo can be just like the beast to which his name alludes. He roars like a beast and as soon as he can’t take it anymore, he jumps on his prey. And it is understood by jumping, releasing through his mouth everything, all, everything, and the more he can offend, the better. And the more it roars the better it stays afterward. Leo doesn’t see or hear when he’s like this. He enters a maelstrom of himself with himself and with his mechanism, and until he takes everything out, he does not touch down again.

Oh, and the worst thing is that he’s not going to apologize if he ate someone when he was angry. Pride remains behind anger and only time and four pampering will leave him soft and sweet as he is. Leo can forgive the damage of everything but will not apologize for having defended himself with his roars when he was cornered. He will make it clear that the lion is not played… This is how you express your anger according to your Zodiac sign.


Virgo does not feel comfortable or angry or has to show his anger. Because they are emotions and to see how they are properly expressed so that they make clear what they mean, blah, blah, blah… The luck of Virgo is that while he thinks about expressing his anger perfectly, he gets a little angry. If the thing is serious, either release it at the moment or let your stomach hurt horrors.

And when Virgo shows that he is angry, sometimes he gets angrier if he doesn’t feel understood. Total, a real mess to understand Virgo and until he understands himself. If you can cry or slam the door, the effect will be as good as what else. Hit that Virgo door hard and you will see that you stay at ease, and stay alone for a while. And it doesn’t matter if the rest don’t understand anything, really…


Once again, the Libra diplomat will be angry inside and go to know the one that is messed up inside him for not having given four well-given voices to whoever it is. That Libra hates confrontations leads him to silence anger. In addition, as in anger, the forms are lost, Libra still likes them less. Total, it is almost always controlled. He leaves it inside and there comes the real job that Libra will have to do: process so that the contained rage does not explode where it should not.

If it is not controlled, it takes it out, of course, but it will try to do it somewhat sensibly. That is, with good words and justifying those that cannot be so good. If it explodes where it shouldn’t, be careful because if Libra loses control of its actions, it loses it in a way you won’t be used to seeing… Totally. And you won’t be able to stop him, you won’t be able to make him come to his mind, you won’t be able to stop him. Until you take out everything you have inside until you come to yourself. And it can happen in minutes or hours… This is how you express your anger according to your Zodiac sign.


When Scorpio is enraged, emotional chaos is unleashed inside him and everything can happen, from passing, turning around, and leaving you there, lying like a cigarette butt, and then coming back stronger, until he wants to make life impossible at that very moment. As he tends to control, some are lucky that he doesn’t take out his anger any more times because angry Scorpio is devastating.

The look, to begin with, will already leave you nailed to the site. And from there, with harsh words, with sarcasm that breaks the heart of the strongest, and with whatever it takes, he will make it clear that he is angry, and that he will continue to be because he does not want to calm down. In addition, Scorpio neither forgives nor forgets. And it’s vindictive. The destruction is total. Better go back to the beginning and record this in your little head: do not make Scorpio angry. And if necessary, write it on the board 100 times.


Like a good fire sign, angry Sagittarius will be like a fireball propelled forward. And everything that is carried ahead, if you do not have a good fireproof suit on, will burn under its flames. Sagi lights up impulsively and does so with words that demonstrate his fury well. Only someone who knows how to calm and distract you can divert your attention from doing all the damage you can by saying through your mouth the worst that comes your way.

If Sagittarius is sincere and gets lost in the forms, then angry all that rises to 1,000. To good understanders, there are too many words. Make him calm down anyway, and do not light the fire anymore, because remember that if it comes to lighting it, Sagittarius plays with advantage, and he is tireless…


Capri is one of those who get very angry, but since he already knows himself well, he is responsible even for that issue: he will try to control so as not to kill someone. In between, you will have to do “some damage” to compensate for the one you have suffered: first you will try to make it clear to the other person how disappointed you are. But, of course, the other person will not know whether to believe it because, despite his “calm” face, he will have in front of him a Capri that seems to be going to crush you at any time. It’s scary to see how you express your anger according to your Zodiac sign.

He is a contained Capricorn, it is clear. And if it is not contained, everything can happen, starting because it will throw you in the face each and every one of those things that you have been doing wrong and that Capri has been swallowing all this time just for not rolling it, and ending, if you continue entering the game, for giving four screams that make you close the peak yes or yes.


Aquarius, with its control and a hint of coldness, takes the anger precisely with… coldness. They have to have made him fat so that he loses the papers, that something is noticed, come on. Although, obviously, somewhere it will have to be noticed (Aquarius would like to be made of stone but it is not): he walks away and stops talking to those who have touched him a lot to begin with.

Internally, Aquarius does not want to scratch himself and does his best not to think about the subject, but the issue sometimes remains pending. Thus, he gradually tries to calm himself down. If it doesn’t calm down like that, bad: Houston we have a problem. Either it lets go of everything, and it collapses or the cold war will continue… until the end of time.


Pisces angry is like an emotional roller coaster. To begin with, it is not easy for him to get angry and that is always a good fact. When they get angry, it shows it quite a bit, and that’s not so good anymore, especially for themselves. Pisces is self-destructive when he suffers and instead of always lashing out at those who have hurt him, he does so against himself.

On top of that, as he has that imagination, he almost plans his own death, and his own, and everyone and fuck! This is exaggerated but it is good to know that if you want Pisces, it is better to avoid harming him because the consequences are terrible for him for this reason and for another less known: time takes to heal the wounds of Pisces. In addition to the least, it is also tremendously easy to accumulate everything and to close more and more in itself until the least thought day ... BOOM!

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