How Do You Confront People According to Your Zodiac Sign?


No matter how good the relationship with another person is, friction or confrontations can always occur that to a greater or lesser extent affects those who happen to him. Our way of being and behaving added to the influence of the stars also determines how the confrontations are according to your sign. Want to see it? These are the clashes according to your sign:


Although fire signs are considered as people of great character, they are not usually people who look for problems like that because yes, what’s more, they do not understand how in the world there are people who enjoy confrontations. Aries is like this, he does not look for problems with anyone, but as in the world, there is everything if they touch his noses a lot he defends himself with all his weapons, words and what are not words ... Ah!, and poor of the one who touches his own because there he will not have any qualms about facing whoever he is ...


Taurus before reaching a confrontation uses their strategies, the main and most effective according to them is the strategy of attrition what does this strategy consist of? Well, very easy, or at least at first glance, it is about staying in its thirteen until the end and with all the consequences. If the person who tries to convince Taurus to change his mind does not cease in his attempt then he may end up getting angry and in very bad ways ...


Oops, Gemini how he deceives under that guise! This sign can seem very affable, charismatic and ultimately a guy or a guy quite rolled up, they are like that, yes, but when it comes to giving the face or facing someone they can become the coldest and most distant person on the face of the earth. This attitude is nothing more than the sign of his anger and that is why when someone dares to mess with Gemini he will be surprised with his change ... How to tremble!


Cancer tries to escape the confrontations as it happens, but if he has no choice but to give the face he will be directly crazy or crazy when they touch the subject in question. Now, if the person with whom you have the problem tightens the rope too much, our crab may become violent verbally and not measure what he releases through his mouth. This sign retracts a lot in conflicts, but when it has no choice but to defend itself, it does so tooth and nail…


If you are going to face Leo we wish you all the luck in the world… we don’t quite know how they do it, but they always get away with it. This sign is a magnificent expert in turning the matter around, otherwise, it can emerge victorious in one way it will do it in another, but that it will win that for sure. Let’s point out one thing, Leo is obfuscated and irritated by those people who go around the world looking for conflicts at the slightest opportunity and for any nonsense, but if they mess with them or theirs, or see any injustice then they do not hesitate to get into as many “messes” as necessary.


Virgo is a discreet person who when he has problems with someone answers without having to start screaming like an energúmeno. In a confrontation, this sign will simply tell its version of events and with this, it will be enough to defend itself ... if the other person decides to break the relationship they might have then Virgo will not say anything and will go on his way according to his performance. Like everyone else this sign is wrong, but as he does not like confrontations when he has no choice but to give his face he does it as what it is, being a Whole Lord or a Lady.


Libra is very funny because it is considered one of the most peaceful and diplomatic signs of the zodiac, but if they touch his nose or disrespect him, he may give him an outburst of anger in which he will not hesitate to throw toads and snakes through his mouth. Now, why do we say funny? because the next day and often much earlier, it will be that person who seems unable to argue in such a way with someone ... that is, as if nothing had happened.


Take care of Scorpio! This is undoubtedly the most dangerous sign in terms of confrontations, why?, because they are true masters in the act of revenge. Let’s specify, Scorpio does not go around the world looking for problems with anyone, but if someone behaves badly with them they will not hesitate to return it and the worst of all is that they will not be able to avoid doing it in the worst way ... but hey, it’s what there is, but not to have messed with them.


Sagittarius in a confrontation is one of two, either fights with a boar until he is out of breath or tells the enemy that he is directly wasting his time. If this sign notices that the person who is provoking you is making a grain of sand a big mountain then it will downplay the problem and let the other person fight alone, you know, two do not fight if one does not want to! Now, if Sagittarius is touched a lot by morality or is made to displant that he does not deserve, he will take out the beast that he carries inside and will defend himself as few know how to do ... for this sign everything has its limit.


If there is someone who knows how to keep his composure that is Capricorn, they can already mount a scandal that will know how to behave at all times ... but beware!, because this does not mean that he does not know how to put a stop to whoever oversteers him or her, simply that he will do it properly, alone, with tranquility and above all with very clear things. Capricorn does not like confrontations at all, but he will not shut his mouth in the face of injustice or disloyalty.


With Aquarius, it is better not to face because he will come out the door turning a deaf ear as if the thing were not with him. This sign usually gets along well with everyone, so it is rare to see him in conflict with someone, but if it happens that they do not cease in the attempt to disturb him, he may not cut a hair and release by his little mouth everything that he really thinks is not little ... Aquarius also has character and although he prefers to be good with everyone around him, if they go from ready with them at the end they face the matter ... and well what they do!


Pisces is one of those who endure the downpour until they can run away, for them this is the best way to avoid conflicts. This sign does not like confrontations, much less when the thing becomes unpleasant, so for them, it is best to let the anger of the other person pass and later sit down to talk about things reasonably. When Pisces is wrong he has no problem recognizing it, but also for a better relationship he needs the other person to be able to recognize his mistakes…

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