How Do the Zodiac Signs Recover From a Broken Heart?


To each one, according to how we are and as they break our hearts, they will do us more or less harm; they will break it in two (with arrangement) or in a thousand pieces (which will take much longer to recover and re-glue). No one has a secret but according to your sign, you can know what works best for others like you. It would be nice to know because any help is good if it paves the way for pain. How signs with a broken heart recover:


Aries copes with heartbreak as he can on the inside but on the outside everything can be a bit chaotic, he will be angry with the world, a lot, and with himself. It probably takes a while to realize that this person wasn’t for him/her. He gets by the time he was wrong rather than by the heartbreak itself.

He will try to combat his emotions in any way, going out, enjoying himself to the fullest, spending time with his friends, giving everything of himself, everything he could not give while he was in love. But he will also have his moments alone, and those will be the worst, he will cry with anger and helplessness but when he least expects it he will be excited again. Fortunately, deep down he is optimistic and knows what he is worth and what he deserves. Sometimes he realizes late yes, but he realizes.


When Taurus  has a broken heart, it takes time to recover and above all, it takes time to fully trust again, if at all. He enormously to have given so much, to have bet and to have lost, and now to have to redo everything again. And alone. It is not that he does not know how to do it, but as Taurus, gave everything at the time it is difficult for him to adapt again to have a new stage. He has a hard time with changes, and especially with changes that are painful.

Facing the public will be whole, as always. Used to put on a good face when inside it is made shit, but deep down everything will be much more complicated. And the worst thing is that unintentionally, he will “punish” those who come not trusting anyone. Luckily everything happens and that with Taurus, the world never ends for anything.


Gemini will not turn the page quickly no, Gemini will burn the book if necessary. When his heart is broken, he will take pride from far inside to try to forget everything as soon as possible. Of course, not before talking to all his friends and telling them how scumbag or scumbag they have been with him/ her. You need to vent and feel your loved ones close. It will be difficult for you to overcome it, yes, but you will also put all the means to do it as soon as possible.

It is very likely that he will give himself a little to excesses, and also that he will remember again and again too many episodes of his relationship, telling himself how he could have been so extremely blind. Gemini will cry and lament above all the lost time, but he will also be open to the people who come to him, perhaps much more open than ever. He knows that a nail does not remove another nail but he also knows that it helps heal some wounds.


If you have broken Cancer’s heart, you have messed it up. The crab does not forget and it will cost him horrors to separate from the person he loves, sometimes even if that person is the worst of the worst and is doing him terrible harm. Cancer blinds himself at times, and he probably begs even, he drags himself so that they do not let him… It is sad, yes, but in those moments he does not see beyond, he does not imagine a life without that person, he does not imagine having to start everything over again.

And when there is no other choice, he will isolate himself, he will get into his shell without wanting to do anything, or to see anyone, alone, plunged into his deepest pain. And it will be a while like this until one day, anything or person will excite him again. And he will get carried away again.

Cancer loves to have the feeling of being in love. And even if his mood is a time of the most unstable, he will be reborn, he will feel those butterflies in his stomach again. But yes, forgiving and forgetting the previous stage will cost you a lot of work.


When Leo’s heart is broken he will be sad, yes, and very fucked up inside but you have a strength that makes him able to with that and everything. He has very clear ideas even if such a stick costs a lot but at the end of the day, his only option is to move forward. There is no more. Crying for the lost is not worth it, that is clear, but it is clearer he has what he is worth, and he also knows that sooner or later he will be missed again, because Leo leaves a mark, that no one forgets.

So, Leo, neither looks back nor tries to cry and as soon as he can, looks for a substitute. And a lot of social life or plans between friends who love him, this is the most important thing of all. There will be times when it is broken, obviously, but with the support of his own, he will come out of it. Love is not going to be everything in your life, you are clear about it.


Virgo will always try to think that everything happens for some reason, he has a personal therapy that goes quite well. “It was beautiful while it lasted and the truth is that now it is time to renew” That is what Virgo thinks. Try not to stay with the negative and above all try not to add fuel to the fire. He can be super fucked up inside, it is clear, but he is good at being alone, he knows how to be alone and not need anyone and although in the depths of his soul he is suffering, he will get ahead as he always does thanks to the attitude he puts to everything.

There will be times when you want to die but you will know how to turn the page. You will see him complicate little in matters of love but inside and deep down, Virgo hurts, and you will notice that he does not want to talk about the story. Better to pass and not stir, so everything will seem to go much faster.


Libra goes out, withers like a flower when his heart is broken, and even though not everyone will notice his pain and suffering, his smile is no longer as big as it used to be, he talks less than the account and tries to avoid uncomfortable questions that remind him of what is already past.

Libra analyzes things a lot but also acts from the heart so, despite being clear that perhaps it was the best thing that could happen, his heart clings to try to understand the whys, to look for an explanation to what has happened, what he has done wrong ... But Libra is an air sign that in the end if it stagnates in something it dies slowly so, little by little, gently, Libra is touching down and one day when it is least expected, nor is anyone either, Libra is open to love again. Maybe a little more suspicious? A little more, but only a little bit.


Scorpio knows what it’s like to be heartbroken, but every time it happens to him he keeps suffering in the same way. Everything happens for some reason, Scorpio knows it, and sooner or later his theory is reinforced, especially when he understands that what happened was for something better, although late in arriving. Scorpio is not always hurt, or at least that is what he tries to prove to others. Those who know him well know from the bad drink he is going through but the rest probably do not even notice.

Scorpio isolates himself, goes through that process alone, blesses and heals his own wounds, and does not need anyone. Scorpio does not show, but yes, it suffers the most. Especially for the failure, so he feels, for losing something he valued, something for which he had given everything. Because Scorpio plays on a winning horse and when it goes wrong, he is enraged at having lost. And if he can’t take revenge, he will do it with himself and stir in the memories. Until he shines back on his life. It won’t take long, no. Scorpio doesn’t fall so easily.


Sagittarius suffers when his heart is broken, and he may suffer more than any other sign. He begins to think a lot of things, why he didn’t realize it before, why he didn’t leave everything when he really saw things that failed, why if he knew it was going to happen he didn’t do something. That’s what Sagi is asking, how he couldn’t realize before the relationship had an expiration date, how he didn’t know how to cut it.

You may be distant when your heart is hurt, but really, little else. As always it will not be, but neither will it sunk. For Sagi, crying over something that couldn’t be is a bit of a waste of time. What’s more, he thinks he should focus on the other way around: what has happened is a step toward finding something better. We all hurt a breakup but at least Sagittarius tries to look to the future instead of stagnating in the mud.


When Capricorn’s heart is broken, it will take a long time to recover, but he will always try to entertain himself with other things. He, of course, because he probably gave everything of himself so that things went well, he probably opened up in channel giving the most he could give, he even abandoned himself to please the other. It happens to Capri often, he gives you even the blood when he is in love. But he will get over it, as he always does with everything.

He will focus on his projects, perhaps some that he had abandoned, he will start with his obligations again, and thus, little by little, he will distract the pain. Deep down, Capri is used to being alone, so, he returns to this state, with all the pain of his heart, yes, but with more strength if possible. And he will do it by controlling not talking much about feelings. The less you pay attention to something, the sooner it disappears. Well, goodbye pain.


Aquarius knows how to cope with heartbreak quite well. That does not mean that it may be broken inside but it will always try to analyze the situation and reach a point of understanding. Yes, it is clear, when they break the heart of Aquarius, he wants to die at that moment but tries to apply logic in everything. It was probably something that had to happen sooner or later, it didn’t catch him so much surprise because he saw it coming. But Aquarius is strong, and even if he is broken inside he will continue with his life in a few days, and he will begin to focus on his affairs, and he will do so with much more desirable than ever.

Aquarius is cold when it comes to making decisions and even if his heart is shattered he will continue with his life, without falling, without lasting depressions, without the need to isolate himself from the world and to cry mantles of tears. Life goes on and Aquarius has it more than clear, alone or accompanied there are many things to do in this world. It has to leave its mark and there is no more time to lose, so to something else.


When Pisces have their hearts broken, they need to cry, take out all the anger inside, and let off steam, let off steam a lot. It is good that he looks for people to do it, his close people, but the problem is that sometimes he isolates himself and does not want to know anything about anyone for a while. And that’s not what suits him best. Because Pisces only eats his head a lot, Pisces only returns to his memories again and again, and gloats in them, in the good, in the bad, and again nostalgia and sadness come.

The fish needs to cry, of course, because that frees it from the pain and brings it a little peace. Through tears, Pisces may wonder why he always chooses so badly, but come on, when he is happy, he congratulates himself for choosing well. Of course, he promises, again and again, to pay more attention to his intuition instead of chasing a love story just because it seemed “pretty”. His intuition is in the end, the one that never fails him. He will come out of this with the help of his people, who will be the ones who open his eyes to something he already knew: it had to happen.

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