How Do the Zodiac Signs Handle Awkward Situations?


When something bothers us or we feel uncomfortable in a situation, not all the signs of the Zodiac prove it the same. There are those who shut up and then explode, there are those who exploit directly and there are those who eat it and leave it inside. And no one ever finds out what they feel… In this article we will talk about zodiac signs and uncomfortable situations:


Aries is noticed. Wow if you notice. If he does not have much confidence, he still endures a little but as he is with well-known people, he lets go. His most obvious signs are to be restless, like sweaty. Inside, the throat becomes dry and you notice some veins throbbing more than normal. Even his heart races. If something doesn’t go, which is how Aries wants things to be, pay attention to their reaction. To their reactions better said. Several and several colors.


Uncomfortable situations force Taurus to stir in his quiet placidity. And anything that stirs Taurus in its quiet placidity is not good. Of course, depending on the serious situation, perhaps the most he gets is to touch his nose a little, as when a fly approaches the belly of the bull. A pass with the tail, it is frightened and that’s it. In reality, Taurus makes a joke or changes the subject, the thing is to run a thick veil. And to something else butterfly.


When we talk about living and reacting to an uncomfortable situation, it is normal to think about situations before strangers. Because when we are with our people, our reactions change, they are more restrained. Well, Gemini does not care that the uncomfortable situation takes place between acquaintances than between strangers. Because he eats it with potatoes. Gemini feeling uncomfortable has it perfectly controlled. Pure experience. Our daily bread.


In the signs of the Zodiac and uncomfortable situations, we do not find that Cancer is an expert in getting out of them. Their secret is to prevent the awkward situation from occurring. Peculiar right? In any case, if he cannot avoid the situation or get into it, Cancer is helped by friends or family, who always have someone nearby, and with their help, faces whatever it takes. Because these people always give you security. Another trick of Cancer is to divert attention from the situation. So no one will notice their reaction.


Leo escapes well from an uncomfortable situation. Well, well no, very good. He is almost an expert in doing so, perhaps because he is continually involved in some. Between what is related and his tremendous sincerity to make things clear, it is evident that some other uncomfortable moment has to live (which surely will have created Leo himself). But he is skilled in handling them, with humor, with anecdotes, relativizing ... Leo controls these moments and many admire him for it. And Leo delighted.


Virgo is tremendously sincere to recognize himself and recognizing to others what are those situations in which he may feel uncomfortable. Let me explain. Virgo is afraid of uncomfortable situations and thinks about them before they happen (the ones he foresees, the ones that come by surprise he weathers much better). For Virgo, getting ahead of that situation makes him feel more confident because he gets ahead of the problem. And once he is in a tense situation, with his intelligence, he pulls a sense of humor and irony to relax the matter. It’s the best thing he can think of.


Libra has a terrible time with an awkward situation. To avoid them, he spends his life trying not to have confrontations nearby, giving in so as not to complicate things, giving the reason to both so that they do not take the issue out of their minds… But nothing, sometimes it is useless. The best thing is that when the situation arrives Libra knows how to get out of it perfectly, he is good at it because his thing is to fix life and that the blood never reaches the river. Well, in an uncomfortable situation, listen, smile, and cross your fingers so that it happens soon.


Scorpio’s control in a tense or uncomfortable situation is absolute. As for almost everything in life. He doesn’t feel shame, or discomfort, or anything like that. In any case, the obvious one passes from it… Of course, if Scorpio is responsible for creating that situation (which could be because he is an expert in doing so), the same thing that triggers it, he will solve it. His honesty for that is absolute. Others cannot say that they are capable of doing the same. Scorpio, what spoils, fixes it. Within the signs of the Zodiac and the uncomfortable situations that they may go through, Scorpio exerts an enviable control.


Sagittarius is adept at creating uncomfortable situations. Between saying what he thinks and not taking care of the forms, he gets into tense situations every two by three. It seems that he even liked them and gave him life, but of course, that is a lot to assume. Let Sagi confirm it to us if so. Total, that if Sagi is used to living uncomfortable situations, it does not seem that then he is going to shit down when he lives them, right? Exactly. Fear none. He confronts them and copes with them. He has no other choice.


To say that Capri is uncomfortable when something lives a tense situation is not a reality, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he laughs at her because the truth is that they do not scare him or change his plans. Capri is used to the worst of life, so an uncomfortable situation is minutia for this sign. And it is what he usually transmits to others if he can: that they do not give it importance, that there are worse things in life, and that it is a few seconds, a few minutes ... you see!


Intense situations, Aquarius SAYS that he does not have a bad time. And it may be true, but if it were a lie we would not find out either. We would have to put the detector to find out well. If we subjected Aquarius to a third-degree, he would still confess that he does not like uncomfortable situations, that he feels fatal, but that he avoids pronouncing himself and saying that they affect him because that would be admitting weakness. And Aquarius has a hard time admitting his weaknesses. Is it clear?


Pisces always walks around with everyone, helping, being, lending a hand… he has seen everything in his life, soaks up everything, and blends in with any situation. That overloads him on the one hand but on the other, it is making him hard, and he knows how to face everything they throw at him. Uncomfortable situations for Pisces? Come on. Pisces puts them in a good mood, frivolous… And so the drink passes. As always, Pisces surprises. Where almost everyone swallows saliva, Pisces comes out so campy. Ole there.

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