How does each zodiac sign feel when sadness invades them?


Some of us may be more sad than others, some people are almost impossible to see the sparkle in their eyes and others directly do not stop crying. Here we leave you a small sample of how the signs feel when your heart is invaded by the shit of sadness, take note, perhaps it will help you understand a little more those around you.


Aries does not like at all to be bad, or tired, or sad, or overwhelmed, or stressed / a ... all these sensations the only thing they do is dislodge you because their energy is one of those that always makes you pull forward. When Aries feels like this he slows down and that makes him very angry, the combination of Aries when he is sad and pissed off can be more explosive than normal.

Everybody has moments of downturn, but Aries faces them in a direct way, he will find himself with sadness, but he prefers that, crying and kicking, having a bad time to pretend it was happening. Aries knows that this is the only way to regain the joy that they have always had in their life. Do not pretend to see Aries in sadness for a long time, it is not his style ...


Taurus is one of those people who prefer to take life with philosophy and with great tranquility, they will not stress no matter how much it happens to them because deep down they know that they cannot do much. When Taurus is sad the first thing he has to do is come to terms with it and acknowledge it. He knows that if he does not take that step, it will be impossible to get out of that world into which he has fallen.

Taurus will do everything possible to get out of the sadness because it is not a place where they feel especially comfortable. It is true that Taurus is not the life of the party, but that does not mean that it is not cheerful and happy, it is, but in its own way. On many occasions Taurus will feel lost, but he knows that he has to lean on his own, he knows that being close to the people who love him will end up being happy.


Gemini is a person who cannot stand still, he is always from one place to another, sometimes he does not even realize how he feels about everything that is going through his head. His life is like a roller coaster, he always has things to do and never stops, he interacts with so many people that he does not have time to stop and think.

When Gemini finally assumes that they are not okay, they know they need to take time to reflect on why they are. Once Gemini finds out, they won’t give it much thought. Geminis prefer to keep pulling rather than tormenting themselves with situations that he / she cannot control. He knows that this is going to be there and that is why he prefers to live his life and let what has to come come.


Cancer is very clear that sadness is part of life and whoever says otherwise is very wrong. Cancer is a person who has gone through a lot in this life and knows that in one way or another sadness will always be with us. Cancer feels that sadness has to be in his life in order to appreciate moments of joy. He is a very intense person, but he knows what is being said.

To better cope with that sadness, Cancer takes refuge in all those people who love him.  Being surrounded by his / her own is like a medicine for him / her. Cancer knows that as long as it has the support, love and attention of others, it can overcome anything that comes its way. Of course, Cancer also needs its moments of solitude to reflect and return with all the forces in the world.


When Leo is sad, when he notices that his heart has been flooded by all the sadness in this world, he goes from being a wild beast to a tender kitten that only seeks attention, hugs, affection and compassion. Leo is a very strong person, but everyone has their moments, those moments when the world comes over you.

As sad as this Leo is, he will always get on with it, he will get up pretty quickly and will continue to wage war. Of course, Leo can become quite negative when sadness is present in his life, he sees everything black. But that is not the case forever, one day you will see a ray of light and your desire to improve will reawaken and there will be no one to stop you.


In that analytical mind that Virgo has, any strange sensation that wants to enter will be processed and analyzed until the end. Sadness is not something common in Virgo’s life, which is why it takes so much for him to process something like this. Virgo is a very serious and diplomatic person, but when sadness floods his heart, his whole world vanishes.

Virgo seems like a tough person, and he is, but when they touch something that really hurts them, they can take a lot of years.  He is a person who will not stop asking questions that have no answers, because sometimes the reason for that sadness does not have them. Virgo needs to make sense of everything that happens in his life and with this he cannot do it. It is because of all this that Virgo ends up feeling very frustrated.


When Libra is sad he needs his people to be by his side, he needs to go out, enjoy the things that life presents to him. You need to share everything you feel with all those people who really love you, who understand you as you are. Libra is a person who is always looking out for others. and many times he lets sadness flood his heart so that it does not flood the other’s.

For Libra, the best way to combat sadness is distraction. It will not cost you to be distracted because there are millions of things in this life that Libra loves to do. That is why he will end up adapting to whatever plan they propose to him in order to put all that shit aside, all that shit that was turning him into an extremely disgusting person.


Scorpio has a somewhat self-destructive personality, when he is sad or feels bad his spirits are on the ground. In himself he is a reserved person, but when he feels that sadness is taking over his whole world, he closes in on himself. He believes that it is the best way to protect himself, because he knows that when he is like this it is his greatest moment of vulnerability.

But calm / as, because Scorpio will always find among all that shit some stimulus to help him get out of that hole that he / she has created alone. Perhaps when Scorpio is about to be reborn he will relapse again, but he is a person who does not give up, so there he will be at the foot of the canyon fighting to have a life full of happiness, a dark life, but happy….


Sagittarius will never admit that they are sad, they have a lot of confidence in their positivity. It is not his style to go crying around the corners. Sagittarius knows that they have millions of reasons to be happy. He knows that, even when difficult moments arise, there is always something positive, something can always be learned. Of course, although he does not like to admit it, Sagi has his moments of downturn, but prefers to keep them for him / her.

Sagittarius will try very hard to hide all that sadness that is invading his world, and once he manages to have everyone cheated on he will get to work to combat that fucking feeling. Sagittarius always ends up overcoming any situation due to everything that is encouraged and not paying too much attention to the things that make it wrong. Sagi prefers to live her life and be happy.


When sadness comes to the world of Capricorn it shows. Capri is a person who isolates himself when he feels sad, he believes that it is the best way to face it. In addition, you are not willing to be seen by others like that, the most likely thing is that if someone asks you about how you feel, it is that you become defensive and that is a sign that you are having a really bad time.

On many occasions Capri notices that he is wrong, that he is sad, but he / she goes on and on, until everything he had built throughout his life falls on him. Capri, you don’t have to worry because you know you have all the tools you need to get out of it all. Capricorn will come out sooner or later and then there will be no one to stop him.


Aquarius is one of those people who hide their feelings very well, especially those who are not so happy. When Aquarius is sad it is very difficult to know, unless you have known him all your life, and sometimes that is not enough. He is one of those people who are always looking for answers to everything, and that makes his sadness grow greater, because unfortunately in this life there is no answer for everything that happens to us.

Sometimes, Aquarius comes to give a cry for help, but one of those that nobody hears. He is a very reserved person, he prefers to keep it for him / her alone than to share it with people with whom you do not know if they will be part of your life forever. Aquarius is very distrustful, but he will have no choice but to open up if he wants to recover that crazy joy that he characterizes.


Pisces is an extremely sensitive person and as such, sadness affects them much more than the rest. He is a nostalgic and emotional person, he is always in the yupi worlds, he feels that there all his dreams can come true. Although it is always dreaming, Pisces knows perfectly that many of its dreams in real life are impossible. Basically because unicorns don’t exist.

The problem that Pisces has when sadness invades his heart is that he does not know how to ask for help, nor does he even know how to express well everything he feels. He is one of those people who are crying out for help, but in such a rare way that others do not realize it. Best of all, Pisces will always end up coming out of that well, they will always find a way to move on, it may cost them more than others, but that makes them feel alive.

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