How do the signs deal with rejection?


Rejection is a difficult thing for everyone. Above all, when you are completely in love with a person and he says no, in your face and without any kind of sensitivity. Everyone has a hard time dealing with rejection, no one likes being told no. There is no right or wrong way to deal with it, just everyone has their own special way of doing it. Read on to find out how your sign deals with rejection:


You are afraid of rejection, more than you would like to have. When faced with him, you find it very difficult to control your emotions. When they say no, you try to face the rejection with positivity, trying to convince yourself that there are more fish in the river, you think that there is really nothing to worry about. But later, once you start to process it and start to realize the seriousness of the matter, you suffer a lot, Aries. There are times when you even rethink trying to convince that person to accept you, but, Aries, to be honest, that’s too low for you.


Taurus, rejection scares you because it is synonymous with having left your comfort zone and having lost. For you, getting out of it is something complicated and if you hit your face with rejection, it will cost you a lot to deal with it. When you are faced with it, you realize that there are things that have to change. At first, you feel lost, you feel like your future, the one you have planned so much, has gone straight to shit. But, Taurus, in reality, rejection of you helps you to open your eyes, to realize that it is better never to depend on anyone and, above all, not to make future plans that depend on anyone other than you.


Like everyone else, rejection is not easy for you either. But unlike the others, you don’t usually make a big drama out of it. You are a very changeable person, one day you are here and the next you are not. It is true that you can come down very low at first, you can see it all black the moment they tell you, but after a while you are already thinking about something else, what will be the next thing you do. For you, Gemini, life is about having fun, not getting bitter about nonsense, not clinging to people who don’t want you in their life. It’s tough, yes, but there are worse things.


One of the worst things you can feel throughout your life, Cancer, is rejection. It is very difficult to deal with it. Your more dramatic, more sensitive, more vulnerable side comes to light. You can even get frustrated with absolutely everything. When someone says no to you, Cancer, you lock yourself in and are unable to see beyond. But to the person who has rejected you, you are going to show at all times that you do not care about anything, that you are even better without him / her. When deep down, Cancer, is not like that. Your duality is present as long as it is and this is how you try to deal with rejection.


What happens to you with rejection, Leo, is that you are a person who is quite confident in yourself and that most of the time you feel that you are capable of achieving almost everything you set out to do. When they reject you, it is a hard stick for you, it is as if the other person is telling you that you are not good enough. A simple rejection can greatly affect your self-esteem and your self-confidence. You know perfectly well that your self-love should not depend on anyone, but in the end, it is something that also influences a lot. But still, you will not stop until you find that person who loves you for being yourself.


Rejection is something difficult for you to overcome because you are a person who gives absolutely everything in your relationships. And feeling that so much time and energy invested in someone is going to shit because, of course, it makes you feel bad. But you are someone strong, Virgo, and rejection is not something that will sink you deep down. Once you acknowledge and accept it, it’s easy for you to get over it. At first, as always, you will hide how you feel and choose to hide inside your shell. But later, once you get out of it, you will realize that rejection is something that everyone goes through at some point in their life and it will not take long to turn the page.


Oops, Libra, rejection is something you’ve always been terribly afraid of. It is like this, no matter how hard you try, you cannot help it, you are born and die with it. You are an insecure person and many times you look for that security in others. Something that you should not do because later, when someone rejects you, the pain is much greater than it could have been. If you are not careful and if you are not rational, you can make rejection increase your insecurities even more ... In order to overcome it, you have to be aware that life is a swing of people, situations, emotions and that everything ends going.


Rejection can bring out the worst in you, Scorpio, especially if that person, in addition to rejecting you, has previously been playing with your feelings and your illusions. Obviously you will respect that person’s decision, but you will still need some kind of explanation. Scorpio, you do not take no for an answer and more when it comes to serious issues. You bring out your fighting character and don’t stop until they give you the answer you want to hear. You may come to forgive that person in the future, but a thorn will always remain stuck in your heart. You are a very intense person and your feelings do not disappear overnight.


You deal with rejection in two different ways, Sagittarius. If there is nothing that ties you to that person, it will not take you long to turn the page, to rebuild your life and to forget that person. Sagittarius, many people pass through your life and as much as you like a person, if there are no emotions for them, you will not take long to overcome them. But if there is someone you really care about, it will cost you a lot at first to deal with that rejection. You may even have a hard time accepting your own emotions. Still, it won’t take long to get over it. You are one of those people who do not cling too much to the past and who know how to overcome problems with incredible speed.


You try really hard in all relationships, Capricorn, so you don’t get rejected. Love for you is like an investment and that someone denies it to you is something that hurts you a lot. As soon as they tell you no, Capri, you start to think about what could have gone wrong, what was the mistake you made to make it fail. You punish yourself a lot and you can blame yourself when in reality the other person is to blame. Because you are demanding even for this, you ask a lot of yourself, you always want to do your best and when something goes wrong, you think it was all your fault.


When they reject you, Aquarius, you bring out your most childish, most immature part of you, so to speak. You are not a person who gets angry easily, but being rejected is something that you do not like a bit. You will get angry and worst of all, you will not want to talk about it. Until you’ve gotten over that person, you won’t be yourself again. Rejection is something that makes you bring out the worst in you, Aquarius. Because throughout your life you have had to deal with it, throughout your life you have been rejected for thinking differently, for not being like the rest, for having so much personality. And you’re already a little tired of it.


When someone you have had feelings for rejects you, Pisces, you blame yourself for it. In your mind the only reason someone can reject you is because you have done something wrong. And you lock yourself in that thought. You feel disappointed in yourself. It takes your time to accept it, to heal the wound and when you recover, you try again. Pisces, your problem is that you insist and you insist again. You have to learn to accept things and get over them the first time. Little by little you will get it. It is not easy to deal with rejection and even less for a person as sensitive as you are.

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