How Do the Phases of the Moon Affect Us?


There are many studies that confirm that the Moon greatly affects our behavior. The Moon is the planet that governs our emotions. Therefore, their movements will affect our emotional side. We are all connected to the Moon. There are studies that also confirm that the Moon affects the tides, due to gravity. We humans are more than 60% water. That the phases of the Moon also influence us is clearer than that water… This is how the phases of the Moon affect us:

In a lunar cycle, the Moon goes through eight distinct phases (new, crescent moon, crescent quarter, crescent gibbous, full, waning gibbous, waning quarter, and waning moon) but we will analyze the 4 main ones: new, crescent quarter, full, and waning quarter. These phases are marked by the light presented by the Moon. It all depends on how the Sun, Moon and Earth are located. If we understand the energy transmitted by each phase of the Moon, we can know how to get the best out of them. You should know that a lunar cycle is a return from the Moon to Earth and lasts approximately 28 days.

As a fact, in case you did not know, the ruling star of the Cancer sign is the Moon. Therefore, those born under this sign are super attached to our satellite. Cancer is often described as a lunatic for this very reason. You already know that the Moon affects our mood, our emotions, our inner world and also our love life. So now, let’s see how each phase of the Moon affects us:

New moon

It is the beginning, the beginning of the lunar cycle. The New Moon makes us feel renewed in many ways. From within, we have the need to start something new, to start from 0 with something. Everything you start now has a high chance of going well. You feel very introspective and reflective during this phase. We do not see light on the Moon during this phase, it is totally dark and for that reason, we feel better when we are ‘dark’ and alone.

Don’t feel bad about this. It is normal that during this phase you do not feel like making plans with more people. You just want to be with yourself, relax, think about your stuff. It’s the perfect time for self-care. If you cut your hair during this phase, it will grow slower, but strong and healthy.

If you are single, in this phase you will feel comfortable with that “loneliness”. It will help you think about what you are looking for and what you deserve. You will reflect on the traits that your next life partner must have. If you’re in a relationship, it’s the perfect time to take time apart, simply to reflect alone on what you want from the relationship. It is also the time to forgive or to ask for forgiveness.

The best thing you can do in New Moon is to renew things (material or more sentimental), start something from scratch (diets, routines, habits), recover and catch up your mind. This is how the phases of the Moon affect us,let’s keep seeing it.

Crescent Room

It occurs between seven days after about the New Moon. The Moon has already regained its light, it is no longer dark as before. It is the perfect time to start making complicated decisions that we have previously reflected on with the New Moon. It’s better to take them now than to wait until it’s later. It is important that your heart and your reason are in tune to be able to achieve all those goals that you set with the New Moon.

It is no longer time to reflect, now is the time to take action. You become more awake and eager to do things again. This phase has to do with personal growth, with motivation, with being alive and awake. You will feel super motivated to make changes in your life, both physical and emotional.

If you’re single, it’s time to start looking for love if that’s what you want. Opportunities with a lot of future will arise. It’s time to start looking for all that you had reflected on during the New Moon. The relationships that start now will go smoothly. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to satisfy your partner and also let her satisfy you. You have to be careful because there may be exchanges of opinions and ideas that end up in discussion. In this phase you will encounter many challenges.

The best thing you can do in the Crescent Room is to make important decisions, make a change of look, invest, resolve conflicts…

Full moon

Those days when we see the entire Moon shining in the sky. It is a time of maximum intensity. We feel very full of energy. It is something that can be good, but also very dangerous. We are so guided by impulses, that many times we do not even think before acting. Passion is also in the air. It is normal that during the Full Moon we feel somewhat stressed for no apparent reason. At night, it will cost us more to fall asleep and rest worse. Even, as a fact, it is proven that most crimes are committed under Full Moon, as well as more children are born during this phase.

Our intuition sends us so many signals. The light of the Moon illuminates us and we begin to see everything much more clearly. It’s a moment of discovery. It may hurt us to see things with our own eyes, but in the end we will thank the Moon. During this phase, the truth comes to light…

If you are single, it is the perfect time to declare your feelings to that person you like, to throw yourself without looking back. If you don’t know anyone, it’s the ideal time to meet new people, to bring your social skills to light and make casual appointments. If you’re in a relationship, passion will solve all the problems in it. Prepare a romantic date, confess what your feelings are and let yourself be carried away by your most carnal impulses.

The best thing you can do in Full Moon is to let yourself be guided by your intuition, confess your feelings, be honest with others or cut your hair so that it grows fast.

Waning room

The end of it all. It is the phase of the Moon where it loses all its light. Little by little, the energy decreases. We feel more tired, the days weigh more than the account. It is the phase in which we are more asleep and it is more difficult for us to wake up in the morning. Now it’s time to free ourselves, let go of everything that overwhelms us, refocus on our own and not on that of others.

During this phase, we will feel guilty for not having acted as we should, for not having made the right decision, but we have to be smart and forgive ourselves. The moment of liberation will soon come again, but first we have to be aware of all that we have done.

We feel the need to move away from the world, to distance ourselves from everything that hurts us, to take everything toxic out of our lives, to say goodbye to those people who have hurt us.

If you are single, this phase can become complicated for you. You will feel that you are not enough. Your self-esteem won’t be at its best. You feel like you’re never going to live up to it. You will slow down a lot when it comes to acting. It is better to be prudent and not make risky decisions. If you are in a relationship, things come to a standstill and you feel like you “move away” a little from your partner. The past returns to the present during this phase and can torment your relationship a bit. The best thing is that everything is temporary.

The best thing you can do in the Waning Room is to clean your house, get rid of everything useless, start a new book, silence, and block people who do not bring you anything good.

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