How Do the Air Signs Lie?


Although lying is not a matter of signs but of principles, we want to analyze what influence the stars have in this matter. Who lies worse or better? What signs lie the most? We are going to see approximate information on what air signs are like when it comes to lying ... Air signs and lies:


Gemini will always go with the truth head-on, no matter who likes it and it hurts who it hurts. They don’t mince words, they drop everything just like that and they are so hot, or at least in appearance. As they know the damage that a lie can cause, they prefer to always say what they think openly, which causes an enemy to ever throw an enemy on top ... Not everyone accepts the truth, or at least the truth of Gemini. What is clear is that this sign does not tolerate lying and if for some reason it is forced to do so, it will explode like a bomb sooner rather than later.

Of course, it is clear to everyone that lying knows how to lie. And it can do very well. He will always have a motive such as revenge.


If I lied to you, it was because you encouraged me to do so! This would respond to Libra when he had no choice but to admit the truth. As you know that not everyone understands that one day you can be up and want to do a thousand things that some would not do ... And another day you can be down and not want to know anything about anyone, this sign omits some things that it knows could damage the sensitivity of those who least share his way of living life. Among the air signs and lies, Libra seems to be the most omitted of all. And all many times to avoid getting into trouble.

In the same way, this happens rarely and with certain people, because Libra knows who to get close to and usually everyone wants to get close to Libra. This air sign was born to get along with people, share moments and experiences, and ultimately be happy without having to complicate life a lot. Good for you Libra!


An Aquarius does not like lying because he prefers to look ahead to anyone knowing that behind his shoulders does not load the weight of the “blame”. Now, what happens if the well-being of one of your loved ones depends on Aquarius hiding the truth or, what is worse, Aquarius lying? It happens that he becomes a master of deception. It is just as elegant lying as in its day-to-day dressing. When it comes to saving someone close to you, this sign has no qualms about making up the most credible story.

Aquarius can stand up for himself whatever he does, but if they touch his own, he is capable of anything without weights to carry or guilt to feel… You know!

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