How Difficult Is It to Love Virgo?


Virgo can seem like ice many times, he can seem like someone who has no feelings, a cold person unable to show what he feels inside, what he wants or what he detests, what he hates, or what he loves madly. Virgo is special and sometimes because of that, it is difficult to love him. You do not know what is going through his head, you do not understand why some days he can give you everything and others take it away at once, you do not know why one day is wrong and another is good ...

Virgo is very much his and his feelings are kept like gold on a cloth.

It will show you many things, yes, but probably when you least expect it. A common day like Valentine’s Day may not give you anything but possibly the following week. You don’t want to be one more because Virgo is not an ordinary person. Virgo loves you, in their own way, without many words, but with many deeds. Virgo will not overwhelm you with messages or calls, he will prefer to write you a letter full of feelings. With Virgo you are protected and cared for ... And you know it.

Sometimes it is difficult to love Virgo, simply because you do not know if Virgo loves you. It is difficult to love Virgo because he rarely tells you that he loves you or that he needs you. It is not like this. He simply prefers to demonstrate it to you in another way. Virgo is incredible, Virgo has a way of expressing everything differently from the rest, Virgo will let you know that he loves you and will change his way of doing things if he knows that you need to hear him. Virgo is vulnerable, and he will do anything so that no one notices him, perhaps even avoid getting too close to you, especially at first, he does not want you to discover that under that layer of ice hides the hottest heart in the world.

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