How Difficult Is It to Love Scorpio?


Sometimes, as much as you want to do it, it is difficult to love Scorpio. And not because you are not willing, but because you know that as you cross that line you will end up falling at their feet, you will end up letting Scorpio control everything, even your life.

Scorpio does not trust anyone, is spiteful / or when there has been no apology for the part that hurt him and, I’m sorry, but he does not forgive either. A little gem, right? Well, despite everything, yes. It is a difficult jewel to find because it loves with an incredible passion and you realize when it is no longer by your side. NOBODY can love you with the same intensity that Scorpio does. He is a very peculiar person, good with the good and terribly dark with the bad people who are harm-free, both her / him and their loved ones.

Scorpios always take justice into their own hands because they know very well that it is the best way to make the other person really put themselves in a situation and understand the pain they have caused.

It is difficult to love Scorpio because you are always afraid of being absorbed, of losing power and control. Scorpios can be very patient and also very leisurely, but they can go from zero to one hundred in a matter of minutes. And you can scream, be the most harmful person on the planet, grab the first thing at hand and throw it out the window ...

Sometimes it is not easy to love Scorpio. He can lose all the beauty that he has been able to give you with a bad gesture but he can also win it back with the details he has, with that nerve that he takes out by defending his loved ones, his family, with that impetus and that strength that he has to Get ahead when you’re at your lowest With Scorpio, do not worry about not loving him, in the end, you will end up doing it. Worry when you don’t know how to live without her/him…

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