How Difficult Is It to Love Sagittarius?


Sagittarius is afraid of commitment and will always try, at least at first, to escape from it. He is independent and used to being alone, he knows that he does not need anyone to live and that, even if he has fallen in love at some time, he can live without it. Sagittarius often pretends not to have many emotions when it comes to love, as if he wants to hide what he is really feeling inside as if he is ashamed to admit that he is capable of loving and probably losing his mind for someone.

It is difficult to love Sagittarius because you never know what he really thinks of everything about you.

Because perhaps one day he will be sincere and tell you everything as it is and the next day you see him isolated and his way, passing everything ... Sagittarius often runs away from his own feelings and emotions, escapes because he is afraid of being able to put his life aside for someone, he is afraid of falling so deep that they hurt him, he is afraid of losing himself in someone else. And that is why he does not show, that is why he will always prefer that you take the first step, that is why perhaps he does not launch into an adventure and prefers to go slowly to run and take the hit of his life.

Little by little it will make you fall in love, and it will because it will open up, and it will be there to help you with any problem you have, and you will end up depending, to a large extent on Sagittarius, that person who takes you out of the depths whenever you need it. . Worry when you are in love because it will cost you to fall out of love ... Probably your whole life ...

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