How Difficult Is It to Love Leo?


With Leo, everything is an adventure, everything. It has an energy that can sometimes be taxing for people who are calmer or who do not have a hectic pace of life. The tranquility kills Leo slowly and it is difficult to see him calmly sitting on the sofa knowing that there are many things to do. Because Leo always has to do a lot.

Loving Leo may not be as complicated as doing it with other signs, the problem is knowing how to follow his rhythm, which is really the complicated thing.

Something always happens to the Lion or the Lioness, there is always some drama that flies around them, it seems that it attracts energy in a very intense way, the worst thing is that it attracts good and bad ... And the worst thing is that it is very involved in everything ... And even if he is by your side, his surroundings can be chaos.

It is difficult to love Leo because he has a strong soon, a genius, and an impossible character to “tame”, because if he has to tell you things clearly he will do it, because he will be too sincere / or, sometimes even doing some damage, because he does not know how to close his mouth to any injustice and because if everything explodes he can face you and yes, release the odd insult that leaves you stunned. But that is only his darkest part, later, when things go well, everything transforms, he becomes the most generous person in the world, gives you the attention that not even your mother would give you, she would burn for you a thousand times ... Later, stop loving him is going to be complicated ...

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