How Difficult Is It to Love Cancer?


When Cancer crosses your life, you can feel that you have everything or that you have nothing, you can feel that it is overturning a lot in your relationship, or suddenly you can feel that it is completely isolated, not wanting to know anything about the world. It’s their nature. The Crab has the urge to disappear often.

When he is with you he will try very hard to impress you, he will do everything in his power to make you happy, he does not like to fight or argue, he does not want bitter moments in his relationship but his mood swings seem to make it inevitable. It is difficult to love Cancer because many times it seems that he does not even know what he wants, but it is a matter of having a little patience. Patience so that little by little you begin to bring out your deepest feelings.

Cancer wants to scream from the rooftops that he is in love with you but he will not, at least at first.

He will try to convince himself that everything can be ephemeral, he will try to control and short-tie his feelings. You know that sometimes it’s for the best. And you will wonder why he disappears or does not pick up the calls, you will wonder why he does not respond to your messages, why the earth has swallowed him up. He has probably had one of his mythical lows, because of something hers or something you said that made him feel bad.

With Cancer you have to use a lot of psychology, you have to understand Cancer, you have to know how to put yourself in his place and above all listen a lot, not just hear. You will realize that with his words he says it all, and you will probably also realize that he loves you too much ... Yes, it is difficult to love Cancer, but it is more difficult to stop loving him.

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