How Difficult Is It to Love Aries?


It is not that Aries cannot fall in love, it is not that ... It is that many times they do not want anyone to touch their heart, they do not want to lose their roles for any person, they do not want to fall in love. And all for fear of getting hooked, for fear of having a hard time, for fear of losing their independence, for fear of emotionally being tied to those who should not. Aries is a very restless person, he has a million thoughts a day, things to do, new projects and, although love may occupy a fundamental part in his life, it is difficult to connect as he/she wants.

Aries may love you very much, but they will also be a bit tough showing that they have fewer feelings than there really are.

Sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly, he makes the person next to him somehow feel that he is not exciting enough or that he is not the right fit, even if that person tries, by all means, to make Aries happy. It is just a defense mechanism. Even Aries knows that he is shitting her, that perhaps he should declare everything he feels more, but it costs him because he feels that if he gets naked, sooner or later he will lose power ...

It is difficult to love Aries because sometimes Aries does not let himself be loved, because he prefers to get into his role as a “cruel” person before really letting himself be carried away by everything he feels. For that love that gives him life and at the same time kills him inside.

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