How Difficult Is It to Love Aquarius?


Aquarius is one of the most complex signs in the entire Zodiac. He is free, independent, goes his own way, and does not follow or follow anyone’s agenda. And many times not because he doesn’t want to, but because he has other more important things to do and he forgets everything. He is a person who takes a long time to answer text messages, who leaves his cell phone forgotten anywhere, who is late many times because a thousand paths cross in between ... But NOT everything happens.

Aquarius is what he is and sometimes it is difficult to love him.

You can cancel a plan at the last minute, you can hesitate after making an important decision and at times it seems that you do not know what you want. But apart from all that, which in the end ends up making him a rare character, when you discover what he houses inside you, you realize how special he can be. Aquarius will put effort on their part when they really see that you are worth it, that you are involved in the relationship, that you fight for what you want. His brain clicks, as if suddenly, it realizes all the time it has wasted with you by stopping to pamper and take care of you.

He learns quickly from his mistakes and becomes fully involved when he realizes what he may be missing. Aquarius loves but not in the way ordinary people do. Aquarius likes to teach, he likes to discover the world by your side and he likes that you have your freedom and your opinion.

It is difficult to love Aquarius because he often gives the impression that nothing matters to him, because perhaps he gives you too much space, because he does not want to take away your independence and because he is not jealous. Of course, she gets jealous, of course, she often wishes she could spend much more time with you ... But she is not going to force you. Take advantage of what you have with Aquarius because many wish they had something so special by their side.

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