How capricorn reacts when they understand that their relationship is over?


Ending a relationship is not easy for anyone, especially when you have fought for it. But everyone, even the most insistent person in the world, has a limit. Each of the zodiac signs have a way of understanding that their relationship has come to an end. This way, it is that of Capricorn:

Capricorn understands that their relationship is over when they start to cheat on him, when they start telling little lies, even without “importance”. For Capricorn, lies, big or small, are lies. And it is no longer a question of not telling the whole truth for something, if not of the premeditation of lying, of cheating, of covering up ... That Capri cannot bear.

He will be dedicated, intense and efficient when it comes to fighting for a relationship, they almost always get what they want and put all their effort into fighting for the people they love. And if something goes wrong, it will try to fix it anyway. And in fact, it will probably happen one, two and three lies. First, because deep down, although many times it denies it, it gives second and third chances. And second, because he wants the other person to learn from his mistake and realize it. He wants me to change somehow. If nothing changes, he will be very stressed at first but later he will understand that he did everything possible for the relationship ...

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