How cancer reacts when they understand that their relationship is over?


Ending a relationship is not easy for anyone, especially when you have fought for it. But everyone, even the most insistent person in the world, has a limit. Each of the zodiac signs have a way of understanding that their relationship has come to an end. This way is that of Cancer:

Cancer understands that his relationship is over when he realizes that the other person does not give a shit, when suddenly, he expresses everything he feels from his heart and only meets with indifference for the other party. Cancer has never been afraid to express its emotions. But what he is afraid of is how others might take this, how his partner might react when he tells him exactly how he feels. He does not care that his life partner is not like her / him, but he does expect him to listen to him and be an empathic person.

Cancer will not ask for much but they need to feel loved by the other party, they need to feel that they really put themselves in their place and that they watch over them. The Crab will know that everything is over when on the part of his partner he only finds disinterest. And that will be what hurts him the most: understanding that the person he was with cared little about Cancer.


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