How can you ruin your life according your zodiac sign?


Often times, we would be able to ruin our lives for things that, seen from the outside, almost seem stupid. But they are not, because if they were, they would not ruin our life. Some signs can ruin her because of her bad temper; others, for falling madly in love with the wrong people; others, for not understanding that you have to love yourself first and then be able to love others ... Here we show you how you can ruin your life according to your sign:


If you ruin your life, it is because you have allowed yourself to lose yourself in negativity. Let’s see Aries, you are a super positive, resistant person and when you want something, you fight it to the end. Take a look back and see all that you have achieved thanks to that focus you have on what you want. The problem is that sometimes, that short temper and that impulsive nature can lead you to get in a lot of trouble. And there, you are able to enter a loop of constant negativity. And in that loop, people don’t want to get in.

Aries, that really is your weak point so, try to take care of it as much as you can, try to keep it hidden and every time your mind wants to think badly, put your thoughts away. You are very given to obsessions ... Do not ruin everything for that.


If at some point you ruin your life it will be because you have not lived it as you really want. Yes Taurus, how many times have you said that you leave everything to start from scratch? how many times have you done it? It is clear that when you are already at the limit you do it, you give everything of yourself and you go without caring about anything. But the thing is, sometimes you have to do it before you get to that Taurus point. You have to live your life the way you want to.

You cannot be in control of everything else, you cannot be in control of the lives of others, or of situations. But you can be in control of your Taurus life. Unplanned situations in life are also exciting. And do not think that what you have in your head is crazy ... It may be the most beautiful thing in the world ... Do it.


If you ever ruin your life, it will be by settling down, by staying where you don’t want to, by not doing what your heart tells you to do, Gemini. When you start to listen to what others are saying and you ignore what your conscience tells you, you start to ruin your life. We all have fears from time to time. And you will ruin your life if you stay with someone you think you love but who doesn’t give you passion, or if you stay in a career that doesn’t make you happy, or if you stay where you are because you fear change.

You are indecisive / or Gemini, a lot, and sometimes, even if you don’t want to, you are capable of hurting people who do not understand you, who are not capable of understanding your confusion ... Do not ruin your Gemini life, and do what you really want and do order the body.


If one day you ruin your life it will be because you put others before yourself, because you don’t do things that you really want for the rest, because in the end, you end up putting limitations just to please others, because please whoever you want. Your emotions are like a roller coaster, one day up and another down, and so on constantly. Unfortunately, you don’t often know how you feel about others ...

Sometimes when you think you’ve met the right person, you put them in front of you and give them ALL your love. You don’t know how to do it any other way, you don’t know how to love half or want just a little bit. And the problem is that it is very easy for you to lose yourself in love, and you have to be careful. Great care.


If one day you ruin your life, it will be because you are not able to get out of a moment of depression or anxiety… And that’s the way it is, Leo. You are very prone to anxiety. You do not understand how there are people who can do so much damage, you do not understand why people are loaded with hatred, or negative thoughts. In the end, all that shit is contagious, and you, who are positive and always have a smile on your face (even in the worst moments) you suddenly see yourself with incredible anxiety, even many times reaching depression.

You only ask one thing of others: not to play with your heart. Because your heart is noble, it is good and it has no malice to screw anyone. Be careful Leo, surround yourself with people who make you a better person and when you have some anxiety around you, remember only to find the light.


If one day you ruin your life, it will be because you are too harsh and demanding on yourself. Yes Virgo, you are a very perfectionist person, you want everything to be super controlled, super measured, super stable. And sometimes the problem is not that you do not have it, but that the rest do not have it. And you do not understand those mental aloes of others, how can they live like this? Without objectives, without goals, without order, even if the order is minimal ... The point is that you can’t let Virgo splash you, because if it splashes you, that’s when you start to be unhappy ...

Do not be so hard on yourself, and do not try to change others, because others, in the end, make their lives and are so “happy” while you stay stressed / or at home, scratched / or with a headache Awesome. You can’t change everything.


If you ever ruin your life, it will be because you constantly try to open your eyes to others and don’t really take care of yourself. If Libra, it is very good to fight for others, to try to make others understand what is right, the things that are logical, to try to make the world a little better with common sense. But the problem many times there are people who can NOT be better, in fact, they can even take advantage of you and that condition of good people. And many will try to go over you and make you feel bad.

In the end, you must understand that not everyone is good. And you will have to approach people who really have your same interests, good people who want to evolve, people who add, who contribute. Do not sink because you cannot open the eyes of those who want to keep them closed.


If one day you ruin your life it will be because you think that you do not deserve anything and that you are better off alone. If you have already gone through moments like this, you know that it is very, very easy for you to enter a depressed state. And you have to be careful Scorpio. The illusion for life is what keeps you on your feet always. If you don’t have your head on one thing, you have your head on another.

You are a super creative person and you need motivation to live, to keep going. You like to learn by yourself everything you can, you like to know, motivate yourself, have information everywhere. When this is gone, because you are in some kind of depression, your whole life becomes gray and meaningless. Remind yourself all the time that there are people who love you, that you do not deserve to be alone and that deep down, you are a special person.


If you ever ruin your life, it will be because of Sagittarius fear. You are afraid of making wrong decisions and of being paralyzed / or in the same place. You have a lot of great ideas but sometimes there are so many that you get lost in each one of them. In the end it seems that you do not focus on any, it seems as if you did not do anything at all of all that you had in your head. Sagittarius often lacks organization. Really focus and go from there.

If there is something wrong, please do not wait days and days to change it. Because nothing will change if you don’t. And in the end, when nothing changes and you look like always, that’s when the lows begin, the frustration, the decay ... Take care Sagittarius, and change this because it will be what will ruin your life one day.


If you ever ruin your life, it will be because you push yourself too hard, because you can’t forgive yourself for mistakes, because you think why you didn’t do things when you should have done them. If Capri, you are a person who, despite appearing very conservative, you need to do things that really motivate you, you need to feel active, valid and above all, happy with the life you lead. And very often, you don’t take steps that you really have to take out of fear, comfort, or simply out of habit.

You have to break with everything because in the end, the fact of not leaving your comfort zone will only make you a much more unhappy Capri person. It’s okay to slow down sometimes, of course you do, but what’s not okay is to slow down ...


If you ever ruin your life, it will be because you let your past influence your present and your future. Yes Aquarius, things as they are, sometimes you get lost in thoughts of the past, in people who are no longer part of your life, in people who left and who, luckily, should not return. The problem is that the mind is often only left with the positive things and that, in the end, is a mistake.

Take care of your present but above all, take care of your future. Look and appreciate what you have now, the good that surrounds you, and thanks Aquarius. It is not that you do not do it almost daily but sometimes, especially when we are bad, we forget, and worst, that you end up feeling bad remembering things you should not. Don’t keep everything to yourself and talk things out before you can do something that will ruin your Aquarius life. You can be your worst enemy when you close the band and count nothing. Remember that you are a sociable being, and to get what we have inside, you have to talk. Don’t keep good people away from you.


If one day you ruin your life, it will undoubtedly be because you end up choosing the wrong people, people who are not worth it and who will end up dislodging your whole world. Every day you become more distrustful / or Pisces but deep down, that is just a facade because you believe in the goodness of people, you believe that in the end, there are people who are worthwhile, people who are worth ... And of course there are Pisces but in the end, you have to be realistic and understand that there are bad, toxic people, people who can exhaust you and turn off your light ... And that is the problem.

When you want to figure it out, it’s probably late. Take care of your heart if you do not want to ruin your life, and remind yourself, no matter how much has happened and how much you have been able to do throughout your life, that you do not deserve to go through any kind of Pisces pain. For none. Do not deal with what does not belong to you. Just like that, you will ruin your life.

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