How Can You Know if a Virgo Likes You?


Easy is not going to be but if you find the signs it means that you are not far from liking it. They will be subtle clues, sometimes so much so that you may even think that they are only part of your imagination. But his subtlety is part of his intelligence. Record yourself also with fire that Virgo does not fool around with every living bug, and that it comes and goes and never stays with anyone. He likes stability and when he likes someone he is not thinking about the “here I catch you, here I kill you”. If you like Virgo, and you really like it, it will be worth taking out your detective arsenal and looking for evidence where there is, don’t you think?

How to know if Virgo likes you

To begin with, with your Virgo, there is the first phase that will take time because as a good Earth sign, you are prudent and need to trust yourself. But it’s also practical and extreme fooling seems like a waste of time. So rest assured because it will not make you dizzy with signs and passwords. He also doesn’t like public displays of feelings and a lack of control. The signals that your Virgo sends you will be more discreet, as he is, but they will mean a lot. And you should never forget that.

The planet of Virgo is Mercury so, in your contacts, Virgo will try to connect with you through conversation. He likes to talk and knows how to do it, but he likes to listen more and is a machine in terms of demonstrating receptivity. And who doesn’t like to be heard? He will already be seducing you with that but let’s go back to the topic that was to know if you like Virgo. You will surely like it more and more.

Your Virgo is going to hear you talk about anything as carefully as if you were telling him the exact place to find a treasure. There you will see the duster well because even if you talk about the goldfish of your cousin’s cousin, he will be happy to listen to you, for as long as it is and without closing an eyelash. And however you tell him about a problem, he will try to help you from minute one. It does it with everyone, but you will see how with you the interest is greater.

Ah! With your Virgo, you should also be aware of how comfortable he feels with you even in the silences.

If he does not like someone, he usually gets more nervous with silences because he interprets them as tension and lacks time to leave alleging any excuse. In these conversations, you should also observe, and be pleased, seeing how his powerful memory is put at the service of his attraction to you and is able to remember the day he did and what you were wearing the first time you said hello.

It is also time to talk about his sense of perfection, something that will also have its role in this whole story. Be prepared to notice their nervousness or blush when they are with you and think they have made a mistake in something or when they try to fix something they think they have done wrong. For you, it is a good sign, because apart from when you see him like this… You would eat it with kisses!

Likewise, if it is comfortable and safe you will notice it. If it were the other way around, you’d notice that it watches you, that it doesn’t relax at all, and is more distant. If you notice their closeness, your score will be rising as the distance between you is narrowing. And here comes an important detail, for you to take note of. Virgo is not going to throw himself at your neck at the slightest signal on your part. It is not his style, but from this attitude, you can also get something good for you: if he does not retire much, you have many possibilities, because Virgo, with whom he does not like, maintains a distance X in cm and does not let it be altered even in half a point.

And while you look for signs, you will have to leave yours. If you jump to take the first step and talk about yourself together, see if he runs out or stays but starts looking everywhere. Neither of them serves you. You have to notice that he stays and that he is not in a hurry. He wants to stay there and keep listening to you. Of course, if you do not see that he is comfortable, do not inquire more about how his heartbeats, because he will deny you everything and you also run the risk of feeling pressured and putting distance.

At the end of this path, you will have discovered not only that your Virgo likes you but that he is also a good person, who tries to make your life more pleasant, who acts more than he talks, and who gives a lot. And also that it seems that he wants to give you much of what he has. It was you who looked for signs and you have been seduced in the sweetest way! And no, you’re not going to regret it for a second. Don’t hesitate!

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