How Can You Know if a Taurus Likes You?


How to know if Taurus likes you, what if you love your patience? The same one they spend. And it is that with Taurus, as an Earth sign that it is, its tranquility and way of being so practical are not the best starting point to throw to the four winds who interest or attract them. The first thing because they know how to wait to have it very clear before making it evident. The second, because they like to analyze what someone can bring them and what a new relationship can mean in their life, and as long as they do not know, they will not throw themselves at once. But you can rest easy on something.

Taurus is sensual by nature and when you feel something, when you like someone, you can’t resist exploring that feeling. So, what more does it take a while to prove it if when you do you are going to forget everything else?

But don’t forget this: as long as Taurus isn’t clear, it may make you a little crazy to know if it’s coming or going. Look, if Taurus likes you, you’re going to see things that tell you as he responds quickly if you write him a message or call him. Ask your friends and you will see how they tell you that it is not what they answer quickly, but rather what happens a lot when you are not interested in something. So give thanks, because if you are one of those who do not throw themselves on the iron to answer messages and calls, to do it with you is already a lot.

Also see if it gets very close to you when you are with more people. Taurus is protective but also possessive and if he likes you, you will notice that he is usually always close. Mainly because it can not help but create a circle of protection around you, to take care of you and so that you do not bother who you do not want, and who does not want her/him, let’s not deceive ourselves. He also thinks that he loves physical contact and that he looks for it even if it is rubbing your shoulder if you are sitting in a meeting or when talking or when crossing you putting your hand on your waist if you are a girl or on your chest if you are a boy.

If you add to all that his signs of affection and kindness, his concern to know things about you, and notice how he alters more than usual if someone does something bad to you or you tell him that you are wrong, you have it on a platter.

At this point and being clear that with Taurus you have to be patient and that you will have to read between the lines.

Once the cards are on the table, you’ll need to remain patient when the first approach arrives. Because Taurus takes his time. That he likes rubbing and that he is encouraged by what he sees, what he hears or what he touches does not mean that he will take off your clothes in a second. What’s more, don’t close your eyes too soon in case you feel ridiculous about what it takes to launch. But when it does, you’re going to be shocked that someone can make you feel so much with a single kiss or a couple of caresses.

From here, you will have no complaint about anything because Taurus is someone who detailed that once it is delivered, everything will seem little to give you. Do not forget, however, that if at first, it took time to decide because I had to investigate you. You may do it from time to time until you are even more confident. Taurus needs to feel safe in life and likes to know that the people around him are going to give him that security. Therefore, with you, as you are starting, if sometimes it seems colder and it seems to you that it moves away, it will be just that it is taking distance and perspective to process what it feels and know that you are going to give it everything it needs.

Think that if he does this, it is because he has already decided that he does want to give everything to you. By the way, do not panic, giving yourself or surrendering does not mean that you want to get married. But when Taurus likes someone, if he has come this far, it is not because he wants to spend some time and run away. Taurus likes to own, feels safe and calm when he likes someone, and is reciprocated when there are romantic dinners in between, an afternoon at a spa, or spending a weekend in the countryside. All this is data for you to do your part while Taurus launches to prove everything.

Just one more note. Taurus is jealous and possessive. If you want to know if he likes you can test him by fooling around with someone. But be careful because the subject can go wrong. You decide. Be that as it may, also think about how much you want to give because as you like and they like you, it will be difficult for you to say no to a Taurus who has already decided that he likes you very much. And take care of it, take great care of it…

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