How Can You Know if a Sagittarius Likes You?


You will have no problem knowing whether or not Sagi likes you. Sagittarius is another of the few shy signs of the Zodiac. If you like someone, it clearly shows it. The problem with Sagittarius is his allergy to commitment, which makes him very cautious to jump for someone without a second thought. Sure, sure, you’ll be thinking, but who wants a good-to-first commitment?

Keep reading and you will see how to know if Sagittarius likes you

His adventurous spirit and free spirit seduce so much that those who come into his life always want to stay longer than they had thought. The result is that we find that they are reluctant to show who they like is not going to be that person gets very excited without them having the subject clear. So at first, they prefer to observe and value the chosen person before throwing the yews at him. how

And that’s where you come in. Sagittarius has no problems when it comes to conquest but likes to know that his conquest is worth it. Show him interest, make yourself desirable, get your positivity (this is very important to them), take out your intelligence and talk to him about your experiences (he will like to learn from you), be sincere… The goal will be to seduce him and for him to show all his cards. Well, all of them, he’s never going to show you. But when they feel good stimuli they throw themselves into the ring more easily.

And what do they do then? Well, everything that is needed. A Sagittarius thrown into conquest has no limits. And you’re going to see signs everywhere. They tend to be impulsive when they like someone and they are clear about it. And they’re not afraid to go wrong. They don’t get nervous, they don’t worry. They take out all their weapons and embark on the adventure of conquest, all excited because they have found something new to discover. The most for them. And they give and take as the advances arrive: a little romanticism, a lot of emotion, many joint plans ... And there again you enter.

Don’t make it too easy for him because he loses interest so quickly. Record yourself on fire that neither Sagittarius is easy to camouflage nor does he like people who are too simple. What’s more, it makes it very difficult. For Sagittarius, it means excitement, adventure, play… You resisted, though never so much that you think you’re wasting your time, of course. Make yourself interesting, though never so interesting that you think you’re wasting a lot of your energy.

Sagittarius controls a lot, never harasses, and observes your signals.

And if you notice that you spend a lot, you might find then that your Sagittarius can show indifference and that it directly passes from you. Or that shows you their interest, but with droppers. It is their way of groping the situation. And you should never forget that he is very good at it.

Expansive mode or reserve, it will be there if it likes you. Take advantage of every opportunity to be together to discover what he feels for you. He likes to do more than talk, so keep an eye on how he acts. A Sagittarius is never short of plans or people. His personality is highly valued in any meeting or party and you will see him being the center of attention in many moments. If he moves away from that maelstrom to be with you, treat yourself to a huge V (of victory).

The other sense you should put on high alert is the ear. Pay close attention to everything that insinuates you with words about you, more than if you were a spy listening to a coded message. Sagittarius are not very talkative or expressive in matters of feelings. He treasures every little word or complicit phrase as if they were his best gift.

Oh, and never get ahead of yourself and talk about your possible or future relationship. A priori, they feel that all compromises threaten their freedom. And although here we are talking about those first fools when you like someone, for Sagittarius it is like seeing the ears of the wolf. Never forget: he doesn’t want to be tied up, nor does he tie anyone up. Sagittarius wants to share. And rest assured that if he really likes you, he will end up getting into it. Do not worry. Only the likes to decide the steps to take and they do not like to talk about the future, not even treating it above. Sagittarius lives in the moment, and that moment can last a week or a lifetime. Period.

You live your moment with your Sagittarius. If everything goes, there will be a lot of fun; many getaways and longer trips will come; surprises will come, the ones you must give him and the ones you will receive from your Sagittarius. And a stage full of emotion will come, that’s for sure.

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