How Can You Know if a Leo Likes You?


No problem. You’ll have as many signs that Leo likes you as to when there’s a fire: there are flames, there’s smoke, there’s noise… all very evident. If it is for signs, you will have leftovers. Leo is expressive and also likes to impress. All that means that you will have a thousand tests of what he feels and also with notes. No subtle details of those that we have to give twenty turn to always end up seeing more than there really is. Lol With Leo you will have details. Wonderful everyone. Making evident the interest he feels for you. And with each of them, it will make you feel like the happiest person in the world. With that feeling that gives you to know that they have chosen you. With those sensations that go between that you do not believe it, that you would like to shout of happiness and that you pray inside: that it lasts, that it lasts, that it lasts…

How to know if Leo likes you:

Around him, with that interest that Leo has in giving a lot of repercussion to everything he does, you will also be news. And not only will they know, but the details that Leo will have with you, which better, will arouse many envies among friends and acquaintances. Healthy envy, but envy.

And it is that the way in which Leo makes his interest notice are those romantic and universal details that we all hope they will have with us once and with which we continually dream to come true: flowers, gifts of all kinds, dedications with songs or poetry, declaration of intentions in social networks, surprises prepared with the help of your friends or theirs… many details, big and small, original and affectionate… And it will seem too cheesy but it will be like a dream from which you will not want to wake up…

To all that you can add something else. If there is one thing a Leo is well recognized for, it is for his generosity. So much of those details and signs of interest will have cost you good money. And that’s very nice, right? Let us not deceive ourselves, nor be hypocrites. A good gift that has cost your tickets, is to be appreciated. If it is also chosen thinking about you, you will end up eating your Leo, instead of your Leo to you, but kissing ...

Anyway, luck you have because Leo everything will seem little to show you what he feels. And that’s supposed to be what we all want, isn’t it?

You will be delighted to know that you are the protagonist of their feelings, their desires, their plans, their dreams… Leo is the perfect lover and few people complain when Leo is conquering them. His samples are obvious, exaggerated at times, but when we like someone, we want attention, and Leo knows how to do it and that you notice it well, you and everyone who lives in your same neighborhood.

You’ll also know of their interest if you fool around with someone and they see them. And what it shows you then won’t be so exciting. Leo is jealous and possessive and does not like anyone to approach his “prey”, especially when he is in the initial phase, the most insecure for all signs in general.

So you know that. When Leo likes someone goes all out, surrenders to that attraction, and the chosen person becomes someone to worship. And it does so on an outstanding note. Worry about you, if you are not clear, to run away because as Leo looks at you and goes towards you, you will have nothing to do. And if you are able to resist this barrage of details tell us, because it will have to be published with big headlines for unheard of.

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