How Can You Know if a Gemini Likes You?


Knowing if Gemini likes you is easy is not. Gemini is a very sociable sign and sometimes it is difficult to know if he likes you when he seems to like half of humanity, just as he always loves with everyone. Also, its playful nature may influence to give you one of lime and another of sand. He likes the game and likes to hide what he feels, which doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel it. Be patient and want to play and everything will go smoothly!

How to tell if Gemini likes you:

To begin with, you will have to know that Gemini is very active, always has a thousand plans, and likes to be in all. And he gets it somehow. He never lacks people and proposes and disposes of with everyone. So if you want to know if he likes you, you should pay close attention to the role you play in that social life: see if before knowing if other people are going to be at that party or in that weekend plan, he has an interest in knowing if you are going to be YOU. And also see if in general, they count on you for their plans, if possible for all of them. In both cases, you’re doing very well.

Always be willing to follow him in everything he proposes and try not to say no to anything except major cause. After his interest he expects receptivity, and if not because you may want to make him or her interesting, it may become colder and less demonstrative.

As you get close to your Gemini, take out your radar to discover many other signs that indicate that you are on the right track. Gemini is a very open sign with everyone and sometimes it is difficult to see in their behavior that it is you who really likes it. Because he smiles at everyone, because he is cheerful by nature, because he always looks into the eyes… But if you look closely, you will see that he talks to you but also flirts with you; he moves among all the friends and acquaintances but always ends up sitting next to you; asks you more personal questions than others; and you hold your gaze longer and it seems as if you want to talk to her.

The theme goes well with these beginnings, right? Especially with the one who indicates that he wants to meet you. And when Gemini stops to meet someone, that someone is not just anyone. If it is you, and he asks you and listens to you, talks to you and lengthens, is not in a hurry and does not show any kind of boredom, the thing promises. The king sign in terms of conversation will use words to know about you and especially so that you know him. When this happens, you have to do your part to capture their full attention. And do you know what the best way is? Making your conversation seduce him so much that he almost prefers to listen to you than tell you his things.

Take out your list of anecdotes, comments, and opinions and you will see how your Gemini will leave other conversations hanging to focus only on yours. Surely seeing him so pending will make you come up and dare to continue doing it that well. Of course, never talk more about the account and listen to him, because Gemini always has a lot and good to tell. Ask him, be interested and enjoy watching the star of all meetings stay by your side.

Ah! don’t think Gemini loves to talk about any topic either.

Well, if you love it, but what really seduces you is when things get deep, when you feel comfortable talking about what you feel, and when the intellectual level is high. His intelligence is looking for intelligent people, with conversation and who know how to listen.

The next step is for him to open up to tell you what he feels and that’s where he should be careful. Because when Gemini starts telling you that he likes you, he will launch himself in such a way that you may even get scared. You’ve gone on to eat your nails thinking about whether he likes you, and yes! he likes you, but you didn’t think so much, and the emotional intensity of Gemini finally arrives, and you notice it. And it’s all true, Gemini feels it but that little child inside him magnifies the expression of his feelings, although he also makes them inconsistent and volatile.

It will be on your way together when you must keep him by your side and give him everything he wants. Hug him, listen to him, follow him in his plans, make him laugh… and make him shut up just because you want him to kiss you!

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