How Can You Know if a Cancer Likes You?


The first thing you have to be clear about is that Cancer is not usually noticed these things or launches into the race in this subject as another zodiac sign. Cancer is always sweet and kind, so you’ll have to read past that receptivity and perennial smile it has for everyone. It may also be you who ends up being more expressive with the signs in the courtship. And all that does not mean that you are going to have to work it all or that your Cancer is not for your bones. Maybe he is more than you imagine but he will never do anything until he is completely sure that you reciprocate.

How to know if Cancer likes you:

His fear of being rejected is there and this conditions everything he does. He will always prefer that you take three steps and she/he one; and there will even be times when you give one and she/he will give another, but his/hers backwards.

Cancer will look at you if he likes you, a lot, and there will be sweetness in his gaze but he will never let you see through it more than he wants to show. He is shy, insecure in love affairs and as warm and passionate as the most but will not take out all his artillery at the first change. For that you need to be sure. And that’s where you can help and stimulate him.

If you want to like it you have to give it security. Period. And this security has as much to do with being reciprocated as it is about you understanding their intense emotional world. The one that takes him up and down with his famous lunatic character. Cancer will show you everything but you will have to prove everything too.

As your approach is a reality, there are many details that will open your eyes to know what Cancer feels for you. Look at how he looks at you, how he tells you his things, how every day he dares with more intimate details and confidences, of those that he only shares when he feels safe and confident. And when it feels that way, it’s because whoever is in front of it likes it. You. Cancer melts before complicity and complicity comes when you can abandon yourself to your emotional changes without being afraid that you will be scared.

By the way, write this down well: if you are there when I have a change of mood, and you understand it, you downplay it or you give it to them if it is what your Cancer wants, you will have scored some good points. And he’s going to like it more every day.

And the more he likes you and feels reciprocated, you will also have more proof of how Cancer feels for you. Too many at some point. Because Cancer likes to be around when he likes someone, and I don’t even tell you when he starts to feel something else. Didn’t you want to know if he liked you? Well, yes, he likes you and he is showing you that it is like that and that is why he calls you, he wants to meet you, he wants to meet all your friends, he writes to you, he gives you gifts, he changes his face when he thinks you are fooling around with someone ...

Cancer is going to give you everything that is expected in these cases, everything that we all expect.

If it seems too much to you or overwhelms you, the problem will be yours. Did you want tangible demonstrations? There you have them. And be careful not to hurt him if you see him too involved and don’t like him. Because it will protect itself again in its shell and it will cost you horrors to come out again. And you’ll be reinforcing his argument for when someone complains that Cancer doesn’t get wet and takes time to launch.

Why do you want him to throw himself if when he does it and brings out all his romanticism, he is detailed and affectionate and is always there (literally, Cancer does not take off from you), you accuse them that he is sticky and possessive? It is not so, and in any case, and if it is at some point it is when you feel insecure. Make him feel safer, do you see how easy?

And finally, an important fact: for Cancer the family is a treasure of which he is very proud. They protect him and Cancer protects them, he adores them, and his family may be bloody or not, but at the end of the day it is his people. Therefore, if he includes you in that circle, he talks about you, he talks about them and above all, if he invites you to a birthday or party of a relative, he likes you. His family is the most his thing he will ever have and when he shares it, prize for you!

Likewise, if your Cancer is interested in your family and the family roll you have with it, it is that it is more than interested in your person and is calibrating you. Be just as generous to share it and to make it see that you have similar values on this subject.

And nothing more. A lot of luck and a lot of energy, although you will need it only at the beginning, only until he gets his little head out of his shield. If you succeed and Cancer begins to give you, be prepared to get hooked on their sensitivity, their imagination, their protection and their love, which is a lot.

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