How Can You Know if a Aquarius Likes You?


The first and the best advice we can give you is to know that with Aquarius what it does not show will be precisely the best indication of what there is. His eagerness to refuse to recognize the attraction and to do everything possible because he is not noticed will be the main signs that betray him. Like those celebrities who cross the airports with large black sunglasses to go incognito and get the opposite. Which is what they are looking for in the background…

How to know if Aquarius likes you

Not with your Aquarius. With you, he doesn’t want anything to be noticed, really. People who are not Aquarius have no idea what it means for them to have to assume that someone has gotten inside them and is making their hearts beat so much that they are almost about to go to the doctor. Those things never enter into their plans! Aquarius lives in the world of reason, in that of analyzing the emotional worlds of others, and in that of going free. When everything turns around and the one who feels is an Aquarius, Aquarius runs out, until he breaks, takes a deep breath, and realizes that no matter how much he runs the feeling will still be there.

So, don’t worry. Deep down he puts all this in it, and he’s not so brave or so cold to say NO. He only takes distance because he wants to analyze and explore the sensations produced by someone he likes. And it will come back. And then it can send you signals that are seen a kilometer away, others barely imperceptible or none. Or one in which he shows even displeasure.

It is possible that you walk with the cluelessness for a while and that you do not know if it is coming or going, if it wants to stay or if on the contrary, it wants to fly away from you. You can even get on the verge of a nervous breakdown. One of lime, one of sand. If Aquarius could not pass from you, surely you will not do it either, because deep down when Aquarius appears in the lives of others, it falls very deep ... A little patience and the connection-fusion-emotion will come.

The important thing here is that you know that if Aquarius does not focus and come and go it is because he is fighting with himself.

He feels things, gets excited, wants and desires… and all this supposes an internal guerrilla. He has a hard time accepting what he feels and it is nothing more than that. It happens to all of us many times. The problem is that Aquarius is always caught untrained. He spends so much time watching others, listening to the love affairs of others, or getting into a thousand projects, that he forgets about himself. And when Cupid passes by and touches him, he is left out of the game. He doesn’t even know where he is. As if he had fallen from another planet.

Sometimes it takes so long to react that whoever expects a signal leaves because he does not see any, but the feeling is inside Aquarius, he only needs his time. If you keep reading this, you’re still interested in knowing something else, right? Well, you are only asked to be patient with your Aquarius.

Once he reacts he will show you that he is interested in you. Sometimes it will do so more obviously and sometimes less. He will teach his cards and wait to see others continue teaching more. The difference is that Aquarius approaches by offering his friendship. Strengthening ties at a friendly level is comfortable and also gives him quite well.

Their approach will be to make conversations more and more personal and confidential and also more and more, plans together. Thus, as he relaxes, he becomes more courageous and daring to tell you exactly how he begins to feel. Try to live up to it and stay close so you notice that you are also interested.

For your part, take care of your appearance, your mind, and be a little rebellious. Follow him in his plans or propose them yourself. He likes to move and do different things, he hates to get bored (don’t bore him either). Enjoy his original personality and let him know. With other people, it is precisely because of his extravagances that he feels most misunderstood. And help him be more loving and less cold.

And so, when you least expect it, the big surprise will come. Perhaps other signs will gradually approach to one day realize that you are together. With Aquarius, just as it gets a little closer and then moves much further away, the outcome comes unpredictably. A full-fled fled a statement. Be that as it may, it will surprise you. Aquarius is like that. Suddenly one day he stands in front of you and says: “We are already something more” And you stay checkered, you did not expect that day to never come. And it came. With Aquarius, you will not lack magic, surprises, and someone who will always be your friend! He enjoys his world, a world that few, very few, can access.

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