How Are the Zodiac Signs With Motherhood and Fatherhood?


Surely more than once you have wondered why parents behave in a certain way. Well, in the article that we show you below, we are going to disdain all your doubts, each astrological sign will reveal to you in a guiding way what father or mother you tend to be if you choose reasoning, discipline, or punishment. In this way, you can check your attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses. Do we see it?


You are usually restless, a little impatient, and a bit radical, but it all depends on the behavior of your little ones. You also have a creative and active spirit due to the great vitality, behavior that your children love, as you know how to put the order through your own example and explanation. A competitive character and you are very proud of yourself, you transmit to your children that they fight without stopping until they achieve their goals, and do not leave any started purpose in half.

Due to your strong character, you get irritated easily, a situation that does not interfere with your children because they know you perfectly, there are no grudges that could deteriorate your relationship. Your doses of affection make your little ones notice your unconditional support, as long as you keep in mind that you must demand what is fair and precise, without actually retracting or frustrating them. Always remember to give them the emotional support they can demand.


Taurus dad or mom, we trust you and we love you very much, and you are so stable in your affections and you have so much patience, that your little ones feel the safest with you! You love your children to infinity and beyond, although you are a little stubborn you like everything related to the family and of course, you feel tremendously proud of your offspring, whom you prefer not to press for that theory of yours of ... Palace things go slowly! And what about your hugs? What a pleasant sensation they feel when you give them to them, you make your little ones notice your warmth and your protection at all times.

You love taking them camping or taking a rural walk with them, which they enjoy to the fullest afterward with a good meal that they will be waiting anxiously for both its flavor and the good atmosphere you know how to create for them.


Gemini dads and moms: you are the Walt Disney at home, one day “Bagheera”, the panther from the Jungle Book with all the attitude and behavior of a protector, corrector, and educator of your dwarves, and another day “Baloo”, the Loving bear, playful, mischievous, daring, fearless, and no rules, it might be a bit confusing for them! You are also an adventurer, it all has to be said. As charming and communicative with them, your fantastic and surprising stories leave them open-mouthed.

It is not at all uncommon for your little ones to be open-minded, adaptable, and curious, since you continually provide them with new ideas and experiences with constant stimulation, yes, advice; Regarding the education of your children, remind you that they will also have to put their feet on the Earth to maintain that emotional balance that they will enjoy at all times depending on the situation.


If you are a Cancer mom or dad, you are always on the lookout for your little ones… « Are you hot? And cold? are you okay? Oops! What little face do you have… won’t you have a fever? And the goodnight kiss? You will be the best son! »You are usually very affectionate and understanding, which is not bad at all, but sometimes you live your life simply and simply through them, and maybe it would not be a bad thing to let them grow by themselves, letting them live their own experiences. although it is very good that you create a safe and welcoming environment.

Your children will know how to appreciate and value everything you do for them, from family dinners, parties, including Christmas that you do enjoy there, especially when you see their surprised faces while you shower them with gifts. You even love cleaning up the mess when they finish playing because ultimately your big heart allows you that sacrifice just to see your chicks entertained in your big nest.


Leo, your children are the most beautiful, the most talented, loving, intelligent, etc. You represent paternity and maternity par excellence, you do not mind investing all your energy and economy for the education of your little ones, and offering all your help so that they gain experience and can go as far as possible.

Obviously, your boys are the most, but you have to be a little careful, as sometimes your high expectations can put pressure and exhaustion on them. This could cause them to lose motivation, something that your friend Leo will not do you a bit of grace, but be careful! This can be the key piece for their development and happiness if you know how to make them feel important, don’t forget that for them their mom or dad is the best. Your enthusiastic and creative mentality along with your fidelity and big heart will make your children respect you and take your words into account, come on, you are super cool!


These Virgo dads with their ethical values and sense of responsibility… « Hey baby, what about your room? And why aren’t those slippers in the shoe rack? Oops oops, this closet is a mess! »You are a little strict because you want to teach your children the importance of order and responsibility. Well, yes, because I adore them, you would say… You like to be the leading voice in everything that happens around you, which is why your children never challenge your authority.

You enjoy motivating them to acquire knowledge, and you try to do everything possible to do so, taking them on a trip to countries where they can get to know different cultures or studying their subjects with them so that tomorrow they will have a good learning experience. It is very important that nothing is lacking in the little house either, and it is that as administrators nobody beats you, which you will also instill with your children with the best of your intentions.


If you are a Libra mom or dad, you know you will always try to be fair with your children, you will never make a difference between siblings or hesitate to apply a punishment if you consider it. Sometimes you accidentally forget or overlook that children, no matter how small they are, also have good arguments, therefore, you must listen to them, in addition to loving them like nobody else. You focus a lot on the social aspect of education so that they know how to relate openly, you make them integrate into everything that has to do with art, beauty, and culture because you love to share your own interests with them.

When it comes to being authoritarian, your hand does not shake, yes, passively and giving the corresponding explanation for the reason for your punishment. You hate confrontations tremendously, that’s why you try to dialogue with them without raising your voice, you think that the forms make you lose your reason and you think it necessary to instill in your children values such as respect and good manners, yes, with all the love in the world so that their children may be good men and women.


How Scorpio parents try to hide how much they love, love, and adore their children! It is incredible, although it shows them in the same way. You want to create that mystery to preserve respect and authority, but just looking at them makes you drool. As they know you, your little ones sometimes prefer not to tell you certain things until they realize that you melt for them and that you are constantly worried about everything that has to do with their well-being. Sometimes you are possessive and controlling and we know that you do it because of the great love you feel for your little ones, you have it in your head that no one is going to take care of them or take care of them like you, and with that temperament who is going to contradict you, Yes who? who? Let’s see!


Sagittarius Mom and Dad, you love adventures, you love sports, travel, camping, and everything that is to acquire direct knowledge of things, that is, a free soul! We are convinced that your little extensions will never ... never get bored with you. You are usually quite complicit with them, as well as tolerant, they will have a great time with you because of your great sense of humor. You love animals, a value that you will undoubtedly try to transmit to your little ones, and there will almost certainly be one at home for which you will also teach them to take responsibility.

When you get angry with your children, you tend to have the occasional impulsive reaction that easily goes away because of the great love you feel for them. Sincere and direct, you try to instill in your children the values that you consider necessary to live in this crazy life, you just have to file that little lack of tact that characterizes you sometimes and that in large doses could hurt the sensitivity of your little ones ... the rest! Tutto Va bene!


Capricorn moms and dads, one of the things that betray them by nature is your law and order, always looking for the way for children to behave in the most correct and appropriate way, with good discipline and thus creating good habits and manners. Convinced with that serenity and tenacity that characterizes you, you will achieve the desired results in a loving and motivating way.

You work and fight endlessly in order to provide your offspring with everything they need, both emotionally and materially, while insisting on how important a sense of organization, responsibility, and perseverance is. You emphasize these three fundamentals because you consider that they are necessary tools to face life, something that works because you have the gift of giving good and wise advice. Your thing is to forge wonderful adults who will fill you with pride and honor you until the end of your days.


Oh, Aquarius parents, you are such good parents, so fun, so active ... you always want to share your time with those little ones so wonderful, healthy, active, dynamic, sporty, independent and very happy, normal, you educate them with all the care in the world, and is that such a stick such a splinter. You love to tell them stories that are so entertaining that you leave them dumbfounded thinking “Mom or Dad knows everything”, you want them to grow up free and without fear because life has to be faced. They won’t get bored with you, and that injection of originality, creativity, and madness that you give them makes them love you as much as you love them, no wonder ... who doesn’t want to have you as parents?


Self-sacrificing, dreamer, and protective, the parents of the Pisces sign are constantly looking to meet the needs of their children. You are intuitive and you are guided by your feelings, your children will learn from you to develop that pleasant imagination that makes them feel at times that they live in another dimension, of course, that life has obligations and you also have to focus on reality to grow taking into tells the world we live in.

You are usually an expert in storytelling and you play with your children in a calm way, teaching them that not all forms of play have to be so active to be fun. Sometimes you overlook those routines and schedules that are suitable for them ... yes, yes, your generosity is so great that well, they will have time to organize, right?

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