How Are the Zodiac Signs and Anxiety Related?


We bring you a most interesting topic. And I practice! Because here the one with the most and the one with the least has days or times of those that put you on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Let’s see what alters us the most according to our sign and how to solve it, of course. That for these cases, any advice comes in handy to get out of the spiral of stress.


Our ram is already nervous by nature. And knowing your vulnerable side, it is not difficult to imagine that there will be many things that stress you even more: the delays of people, not being able to finish something on time, feeling tired and seeing that you are not 100% ... Anyway, everything you put tests your patience. To relax from “so many enemies”, Aries is advised to do nothing. How? Aries still? Well yes, Aries. Relax and breathe. That is what proceeds. You have to stop blowing smoke through your nose and learn to breathe in and normalize tension. Get away from the noise and rush, get under the water if necessary. Try not to think of anything. And at most, exercise to burn your extra adrenaline.


Our beloved bull shows stress because of how he bites his nails, what he touches his hair and because he talks less than normal. His look is tired and bored. It’s up to everyone’s bow! All the calm that Taurus can transmit when he is well, turns into a deceptive calm if he is a victim of stress. Just like that calm sea that precedes tsunamis. And what has made him be like this? Changes (at home, partner, job), which are so difficult to adapt, or failures in work issues, after having tried hard. But there is nothing like throwing away those worldly pleasures that Taurus do so much good: a good meal, massages, going to a spa, gardening or cooking ... Anyway, whatever puts you in a good mood to forget what is happening to him.


Getting our little Gemini fidget to stress is not very difficult. We already expected that. His nature is nervous and he always walks in a thousand stories. And when you hang around all day doing things, having relationships, and living to the fullest, it’s easy to get overloaded. And even more, if someone or some obligations require Geminis to be 100% in terms of complying, assuming schedules, doing tasks that are a bummer, or putting up with people of the same style. It will be easy for us to know that he is on the verge because he talks more than usual. Much more than normal. Literally, it doesn’t stop. Geminis, when you see that you can’t take it anymore, occupying your mind with something that doesn’t bore you will be the best antidote: good reading, good conversations, board games, good movies… And as new! The world awaits you.


Stress comes to our beloved crab when he feels insecure. And when does that happen? When they do not love him enough, when he has fought with family or friends, and I don’t even tell you if he has to experience a sentimental breakup. He becomes uneasy and his head is a whirlwind turning over what happened, wondering if he had done this or that ... Not wanting to relate and talk about it is not what helps Cancer to feel better. And that’s where you have to refloat. Cancer, you have to surround yourself with those many other people who DO love you. You have to talk about your feelings, what you feel or what worries you. Look for pampering, spend time with your usual people and have a laugh remembering old times. All that feeds you!


To dear Leo, due to his strong character, stress makes him be upset, rant against everything, and with his genius more alive than ever. In order to get like this, nothing very serious has to happen to him. Leo is stressed when things are not done the way he wants, when he is given many refusals, impediments are put on him or when he encounters many obstacles along the way. That’s when the gas rises and explodes. He’s bossy and sergeant and can be very critical. Leo, start by assuming that you can’t control everything. Then, take a deep breath and do what leads you to disconnect: it can be exercising, having sex, being with people you really like, or going shopping! And give yourself a fat whim. And fuck the problems!


For Virgo, any type of disorder, lack of formality, laziness, the laziness of those who do not move to fulfill their obligation or who are taken out of their routines (new friends, new tasks) lead directly to anxiety. He becomes more critical than normal and everything feels bad for him. And what is worse: he somatizes the tension and everything hurts (he can feel it but he tends to invent it). Virgo, face it, you are a walking complaint. To lower this stress and disorganized thinking in your head, make lists to tidy up. Bring out what is blocking you, write it down and put it in front of your eyes. You yourself will see that there is order. And that the bad thing was your coconut spinning in a very negative spiral. And tidy up cabinets, drawers, and bags. You will be at ease that you do not see!


What do you think can stress our Libra? Well, not being treated fairly, not wanting something but not knowing how to say no, confrontations, or power struggles. Then he starts to spin the coconut, he wants to act but does not know how or when he blocks himself, he wants to scream but it is not his style ... The worst thing is that everything stays “at home”. Libra does not reveal how crazy he is inside (unless he has no qualms about crying). Imagine what pressure! And what a ball getting big. Good thing Libra has resources. More than others. Don’t you know how to regain your calm? You are an expert, come on. First, you unburden yourself, then you unleash your creativity by painting or writing or viewing an exhibition, or going to the shops to find this or that for your wonderful home. And as a final point, a little yoga. Right, dear Libra?


A Scorpio stress can not. He can’t do anything to him. But it affects him, like everyone else. It would be more. And how does it show? For starters, he becomes more obsessive and controlling than usual; more foolish when it comes to defending something; or jump suddenly and sit on the floor of the two angry voices that it gives you. And how did it get there? Well, for swallowing everything you don’t like in life. It was obvious, wasn’t it? Scorpio fights to the death, nothing is silent. So when you have to swallow, whatever it is, the anxiety and stress that it generates are not just anything. Solutions? Reflect on your extreme sensitivity, Scorpio. There should be, but don’t make you weak. From there, recovering calm is essential and for this, nothing better than ... a little sex? To give an easy example that we know will come in handy for you. But it would also be worth staying alone because it is the others and their nonsense that drive you the most out of your boxes. Right?


That Sagittarius has anxiety or suffers from stress is not difficult if you have to live in a time when you feel that you lack your freedom. It may be because of work, an overwhelming partner, bosses who touch eggs or family members of those who fill you with meetings and commitment meals. And when Sagittarius feels overwhelmed, it explodes; and when something stops him when he doesn’t want to stop, he explodes. And there we will see him all withered, cynical, without making jokes. Or we will not see him because he has started running like Forrest Gump so as not to burst. You really know Sagi! Put kilometers in between for everything. North, South, East, or West. One day, two, or a week. Or more. But let the world pass before your eyes!


If Capricorn doesn’t jump out of bed to get going, bad. If Capricorn is not motivated and passes it on to others, bad. If Capricorn only speaks through pessimism, bad. But it is not that he is depressed, although seeing the black future is normal for him. It is that he has been blocked by stress and needs some time to go back to being his usual self. And not much, Capricorn is a tough one. If he got to be that way because he was looked down upon, ignored, or set apart, from wherever or whatever, he will be back soon. How? Because he’s used to doing it. Because it assumes that anyone has a bad day. And that? Like they were fifteen. Apart from this mental force to fight against adversity, Capri, when you are upset, you are very entertained by hobbies that force you to concentrate on your mind: model ships, writing or mechanics.


The water carrier of the Zodiac is stressed by many things, like everyone else, but there are some especially inopportune for him, which drive him crazy. And it is when he cannot act freely when situations or people are imposed on him by the hell when he is prevented from doing something and he is not reasoned about why. There Aquarius notices how anxiety takes hold of him, his head explodes between thousands of thoughts, how he accelerates, how his way of being changes, he becomes unfriendly, he cannot stand anyone and he would like to be floating in the Universe. Aquarius, the best thing for you when these moments come is to distract the coconut from the tangle of thoughts. Either you empty it or fill it with things more interesting and constructive than negativity. Meditating, painting or board games, or video games are not even painted for you.


Little fish are not usually one of the most stressed signs of the Zodiac, at least apparently. But they do it and inside everything is chaos, of course. And what affects them the most to get them out of their reverie and natural placidity? Well, above all, the rush, the upset and arrogant people, having to speak in public or express feelings and, above all, having to make important decisions overnight. Horror! Prepare to see Pisces with the total blockade. Or “evaded” by not knowing how to face what upsets him. Not to mention some strangers soon or mired in an alarming silence. Pisces, when you get to this situation you need to reset. Return to your most genuine self, regain your peace and good vibes with the universe. Stay alone and daydream. That always puts you in a good mood. Take a walk in the countryside or get wet in the rain. Exploiting your romantic and sensitive streak is a safe value. Pay attention to us!

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