How Are Relationships With or Without Ties for These Zodiac Signs?


When it comes to intimacy, not everyone acts in the same way, there are those who prefer to live sex freely and without ties, and there are those who do not conceive sex without love, to taste the colors ... Next, we are going to see what the zodiac says of each sign regarding this question. Zodiac signs and relationships with or without ties :


Aries is undoubtedly one of the fiery signs of the entire zodiac, however, when he falls in love, he adds a pinch of tenderness to his most intimate moments. If we ask him what he prefers, if love with or without ties, he will probably answer us that both things, yes, in abundance. They have a reputation for being very ardent, they want to carry out everything that goes through their imagination, so much so that when something is put into their head they do not stop until they fulfill their fantasies. It is likely that sometimes they do not pay attention to other matters related to the couple, Aries is one of those who think that with good sexual chemistry and a positive attitude towards life everything can ...


Although Taurus conceives relationships without love, there is nothing better for this sign than making love with the person you love. They would rather settle with someone who understands them and makes them feel good than go around the world trying anything so as not to be alone. Taurus gives himself to the person he considers appropriate in a slow and calm way, but no less passionate for that. When they are confident enough to express themselves openly, they bring out the beast that is within themselves and give their partners or conquests the exact dose of love and sex, therefore, we could say that for this sign it is a 50/50, everything well combined is the taurine’s motto.


Gemini is a full-blown fever, it must be said ... They love sex, they are good communicators both in the field of words and in what they are capable of transmitting through their body, their kisses, their caresses. This sign becomes an alter ego in terms of lovemaking issues, knows perfectly what he wants, how and when the person who is by his side. Despite all these characteristics, when Geminis know love, they give themselves with their whole body, but also with their whole soul, they do their best to make the other person feel what they are feeling. Come on, wonderful as a lover!


For Cancer the emotional world is very important, that is why they prefer to have sex with someone who is the same way. As it is one of the signs that most yearn for stability in their personal relationships, they give themselves 100% when they are sure of being with a person willing to spend the rest of their days with them, meanwhile, here I catch you, here I kill you do not feel bad to anyone. They are quite direct, sometimes they even become aggressive, despite the fact that the image of Cancer is all love, sweetness and affection, this sign only shows all its variants when it is truly in love, there sex becomes a dream world that it knows how to enjoy like nobody ...


Leo is pure love but he likes to practice under the covers, and without ties, he loves both things, as he is very enthusiastic about everything he likes, in matters of bed he has no limits ... It is a creative sign, when he surrenders he does it with his whole being, he does not care about the place or the moment, what matters is that everything flows according to his wishes. He is adventurous, he likes to try new experiences, but if he falls in love he sometimes falls into the error of not taking the initiative until he feels safe. When it comes to sex with love, Leo needs to make sure that he is with the ideal person for him / her and when this happens, this sign becomes a person capable of giving everything both to satisfy his / her own needs and to satisfy those of the person he / she loves. 100% fire!


Virgo is a sign that seems to go unnoticed in terms of sex and love, however, it is an insatiable and tireless lover. They live sex openly and intensely, they are not at all demure as they may seem, quite the contrary, they do not set limits to time or imagination. If we ask this sign what he prefers, he will probably tell us that he prefers sex with love, but to get to love someone Virgo also needs that person to become his ideal lover. If they treat him with sweetness, affection and much, much passion, he will become the most dedicated person in the world ... But it will not be entirely easy ...


For Librans, the intermediate point is always the best, but not just any intermediate point ... but that point that makes this sign in sexual matters maintain the spark throughout their intimate encounters. When his conquest or his love make Libra lose his head and the notion of time, this sign becomes a true God, capable of satisfying all the wishes of those who share his bed. It can be very passionate as it can be very sweet, sometimes both… what undoubtedly characterizes this sign is its enormous capacity for adaptation.

When you fall in love you want to share all your facets with the person you love, so for those born under the sign of Libra it is of the utmost importance to be able to meet all your expectations ... Who dares?


If we ask Scorpio what he prefers, he will most likely tell us that sex and love are almost the same for him. It is not that I do not know how to differentiate each of these concepts, it is that in relation to issues these two subjects go together. One cannot fail to recognize that this sign carries a strong magnetism that attracts and that it is very difficult to see in other signs. It makes sex a natural and necessary game for life in general.

Scorpio is not the most romantic or the most affectionate, but he knows how to improvise like no other, if his lover thought that everything was going to be one way, he will surely find that it ends up being quite different from what he imagined, but definitely better ... this sign knows what it does and how it does it, and that someone dares to say otherwise.


Sagittarius conceives sex with and without love, but if they give them a choice as almost everyone prefers to fully feel both. This sign likes to understand, learn and therefore practice. He has no limits, he is easily carried away by both his fantasies and those of his bed partner. Sagittarius can be the craziest how can the most tender and affectionate of the signs. Being impulsive sometimes commits crazy things that he later regrets, yes, not for long ... he is one of those who think that he has done it.

When it comes to intimate relationships, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are quite generous, sometimes they forget their own pleasure to focus on that of the other, and when they are in love, needless to say, they become one of the best lovers of the zodiac. ...


Capricorn is one of those who firmly believe in sex with love, for this sign the best experiences are those lived with the person they love. When this happens they are tireless lovers who like to have sex every day as many times as possible. As they are very earthly, they sometimes forget to improvise and tend to repeat what satisfies them so much over and over again. If your partner or lover brings you new experiences, you let yourself be carried away to see if what they have just proposed is on your list of things that you like. Any place is good for Capricorn as long as the right person is by his side, the one who knows how to bring out his fiercest side.


If someone wants to enjoy sex to the fullest, that is Aquarius . They are mischievous, innovative, genuine, perhaps it is not the most intense of the signs, but the most unpredictable ... With them there is no routine, sometimes you may prefer to get into the action immediately as other times you can create a game in which the seduction becomes your best weapon. They are provocative by nature, so when they want something they go for it without half measures. Now, as for what you prefer, if sex or love, we can say that Aquarius prefers at all times what life puts in front of him, if it is sex with love better than better, but if it is sex without love then also welcome ...


Pisces is the most dreamy of all the zodiac signs, that is why he longs to find that prince or princess that completes him in every way, and of course, that also includes sex. She loves doing everything, she has no taboos, as she wants to have her five senses put in everything she does, in sex she lets herself be carried away by the frenzy she feels in her own flesh. With Pisces there are no forbidden dreams, testing everything that goes through your head is your highest aspiration.

Monotony does not go with this sign, it wants to have fun and live life fully, that is why sex and love have the same importance, in both senses Pisces works wonderfully. If the two things come together, much better but if not, nothing will happen ... He knows how to enjoy one thing and another ... And no, not always when he gets under the covers with someone he falls in love ...

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