How Aquarius reacts when they understand that their relationship is over?


Ending a relationship is not easy for anyone, especially when you have fought for it. But everyone, even the most insistent person in the world, has a limit. Each of the zodiac signs have a way of understanding that their relationship has come to an end. This way is that of Aquarius:

Aquarius understands that his relationship has ended when his partner begins to stop respecting his spaces, his independence ... When Aquarius decides to go out with someone more seriously, it is because he really wants to commit 100% to that person. Aquarius does not care to be alone, in fact, he has always preferred that to being in bad company.

When they have a partner, they must respect their spaces, and if they do not do so out of fear or insecurity, they should know that Aquarius chose them because they really wanted to be with her / him. She chose it because she really wanted to commit. But that is not something that everyone understands. And if Aquarius begins to suffocate, the chance that the relationship will prosper will be minimal. You know perfectly well that this is plenty of reason to nip your least expected day in the bud. If your partner is not able to respect that they need that time, the relationship will collapse. Sooner or later…

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