Gemini Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Gemini Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

The intellectual, direct, complex sign of artists, the sign of Air, changeable under the influence of Mercury, dual, ancient, talkative, courageous, humane, with an attractive appearance.

Gemini is influenced only by Mercury. This means instinctive indifference, developing as a protective mechanism against the emotional impact on criticism, irony, any jokes.

Born under the influence of Mercury, he seeks to dispose of himself, to protect and organize his life in accordance with his interests. They seek lightness, but this often leads to neurasthenia. They have a taste for the game, they have a moving mind. Lively, agile, inquisitive, sometimes fail due to inconstancy and scattering.

To the developed mind should be added painful sensitivity, inconstancy and a tendency to exaggerate trifles. They are unbalanced, inconsistent, do several things at the same time, but are practical, sensitive, selfish, and also petty.

The existence of Gemini is not always completely happy. Bad luck and family worries make them enjoy wealth, then live in poverty. Some failures due to lack of energy and a predisposition to let things go by their own accord. They are harmed by a tendency to fatalism and inconstancy. With effort and perseverance, Gemini can succeed.

Gemini is light and volatile in nature. These are internal intellectuals. They have a changeable mood, they easily grasp everything, adore arguments and fun, have the ability to live a double life.

The Geminis are self-centered, often emotional, cold, but always fickle. Astronomers attribute this to the fact that Mercury is a sexless planet, it affects Gemini and Virgo, who have no feelings.

They are resourceful, impudent, inventive. When Saturn is disadvantaged, dishonest and tactless people are born.

Gemini are cute, have intelligence, ease, ease, accommodating, love meetings, travel, fleeting contacts and connections.

Gemini women love to wear colorful fabrics.

The Gemini sign governs the nervous system. Born under him has the speed, reaction, often literary gift.

The negative quality of gifted Gemini is inconstancy. Their adaptability is enormous, as is the tendency to deception and disorganization. Not very strong, they are afraid of fatigue, because they quickly tire, because their liveliness exceeds strength.

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