Gemini Professions and Business Guide - 2023

Gemini Professions and Business Guide - 2023

Under the sign of Gemini, many people of mental labor are born.

Geminis prefer this kind of work, which is associated with a continuous change of impressions and activities: advertising service agents, managers, television and radio reporters.

Gemini can work as artists, journalists, publishers, secretaries, postal employees, accountants, writers, small traders, scientists.

There is a close relationship between belonging to the constellation Gemini and literary abilities. Almost all of them have the gift of a syllable and the ability to build phrases. They skillfully compose reports, reports, documents and textbooks, compose plays and write books, moreover, these are most often novels, biographies or non-fiction. Very rarely, the Twins keep their own diary or write memoirs, they do not like to write letters either.

Gemini is capable of languages, so polyglots are often found among them. Favorite language is usually French. The Gemini’s speech abilities are so great and varied that they can convince anyone and anything. In the mouth of Gemini, the most absurd ideas sound reasonable, and the lie seems to be true.

A talent of a similar nature pushes some Gemini on a dishonest path, but this does not happen so often, because he is idealistic in his soul. Nevertheless, it should be recognized that these abilities, along with incredible sleight of hand, can make him an unsurpassed master of criminal sciences. An area in which entrepreneurship is difficult to compete with Gemini.

Being frivolous, they have imagination and the ability to research work.

Mercury can make Gemini both a genius and an adventurer.

Saturn has a positive effect on Mercury, and if it is in a favorable position for Gemini, then people are born who are prone to philosophy, teaching, diplomatic activity (service).

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