Gemini Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope - 2023

Gemini Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope - 2023

Loving a Gemini man is easy and enjoyable, unless you surrender to it with all your passion. He has a certain spiritual essence peculiar only to him, which he will not share with anyone.

It is not necessary to complicate and dramatize the relationship, it is necessary to treat everything calmly and simply, not to bother him, and try to wake his imagination all the time. Not to protest against his variability, but to change with him. You need to be a lively, interesting interlocutor, because the most important thing for Gemini is the intellectual level of the partner, he will give preference not to clothes, but to a brilliant, honed mind.

Geminis, as a rule, get married more than once, although the later the first marriage is made, the more likely it will be for a long time, maybe forever.

Gemini has the ability to read secret thoughts.

A Gemini man in love brings with him a sense of security from the outside world. The Gemini is ready to help always and in everything. But almost every rule has an exception. And this exception is the beloved Gemini. There is no need to talk about any reliability. He can go to a nearby bakery for bread and return in three days.

Secret love affairs often end in failure. Their feelings are superficial.

In early youth, the Gemini woman is absolutely unpredictable and love for her is just a game. But the older she gets, the more interesting it is to communicate with her.

With the greatest force, she manifests herself in love, since it is love - the area where the female essence is best manifested, all the wealth and complexity of her nature is revealed.

She is sentimental and romantic, charming and smart. No one can compete with her for inventiveness in love. You never get bored with her.

To be sure of the constancy of the Gemini woman, you must always be near her, all the time reminding you of your presence. She does not know how to control her emotions and feelings, is subject to frequent changes in moods.

They are attracted to Aquarius and Libra, rarely find mutual understanding with Taurus. Seeking Leo, Aries, Cancer, should avoid Pisces and Sagittarius.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Love Horoscope for Gemini Women

Apparently, from the twins she got some dichotomy. On the one hand, her mind, insight, wonderful character, ability to get along with people help her achieve good success in her work. But the same mind and understanding of people do not give her the opportunity to find her one and only man. She is a loyal and reliable friend for many, but cannot find an equal partner. It is to him that she is ready to give her sensuality and affection. But her worthy men are rare and, most likely, the flame will not flare up. In a few random relationships, she finds only simple physical satisfaction. These women are not abandoned, they quietly leave, taking away respect for them in the Soul. But if such a woman still meets her chosen one, their union becomes a model of family happiness.

Love Horoscope for Gemini Men

Most of those born under this sign are talented, gifted natures. They have sensory perception | the surrounding world. They appreciate the beauty of women, the beauty of intimate relationships. But Gemini’s talent is not at all a guarantee of his giftedness in the sexual sphere. A romantic worldview prevents him from correctly assessing a woman; he envelops her with a fleur of romance. This causes a natural response, but a moment of intimacy often disappoints a woman. After all, he loves not so much her, as himself in this love, and sexual talent is not always given to him. Romantic images nourish his work, but not his intimate relationships. He needs continuous care, and almost always there is a woman who sacrifices herself for his talent. But even she clearly understands that it is impossible to create a normal family with him, and is content with “

Ideal for you: Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Gemini.
Suitable for you more or less: Taurus.
Absolutely not suitable for you: Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius.

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