Gemini Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

The effect of Mercury can cause mental and speech disorders, apoplexy, lung disease, pleurisy, asthma.

The most common diseases: allergies (from drugs and food), colds, nervousness.

High meat consumption should be avoided.

Geminis are often prone to insomnia, so they have a poor rest at night. Despite all the objective reasons, they should be able to relax in order to prevent nervous tension and possible nervous breakdowns.

To prevent disease, Gemini should monitor their health, more often be in the fresh air and take air and sun baths. If the Gemini neglects such advice, this may adversely affect their fragile health. More often than others, accidents happen to them; they are susceptible to diseases of the lungs and intestines, as well as arthritis, rheumatism and headaches.

Geminis get sick mainly not from overwork, but rather from boredom and loneliness.

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