Gemini Zodiac Sign Person Symbols And Facts

Gemini Zodiac Sign Person Symbols And Facts

I have already passed through this column the three Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and the three Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), which means that in the wake of the series of articles on the twelve solar signs and their symbolism, the signs that illustrate (i) the side of the man who needs to be, creatively and spiritually, symbolized by the Fire element; and (ii) survive, produce, leave its legacy, manage the matter, symbolized by the Earth element.

The Zodiac has as its first sign Aries, symbolizing the human need to exist and secure its place in the world, fighting for it ( Mars, the God of war, rules Aries ); Next, the second sign, Taurus, is governed by the Venus of sensuality, the arts, and money, symbolizing the second stage of human development, namely dealing with the matter and ensuring subsistence.

The third sign inaugurates the element Ar and is the misunderstood Gemini. After man exists, eats, and manages livelihoods, here in the third stage, Gemini represents the human need for learning and communication, in that order. At first, this already denotes that, before speaking, one needs to know what one is talking about. One must rationally know the subject matter on which the individual chooses to speak.

The element Ar has attributed the symbolism of intellect, reason, logic, communication, and impersonality, passing through:

  1. The Geminian mind seeks to know a little of everything.
  2. Moving, then, to an ideal of justice and harmony in Libra.
  3. Culminating in the scientific and innovative thinking that leads to the viability of the evolution of the human species in the last sign of the element Ar (and second to last sign of the Zodiac), Aquarius.

But today, we will begin with the first stage of man’s intellectual development , which can be understood by the symbol of the lovely sign of Gemini.

Initially, the human intellect begins to develop by learning all that is at the same time made possible and transmitted by communication, speech, and finally writing.

If the reader follows the articles I have been writing in this column, he will understand how each sign’s symbolism strictly follows the development of a child. In Aries (first sign), we had the baby, who cries when he is hungry without even being aware of the space and need of others. He needs to exist, you know, need to show what he came from. In the second stage, represented by Taurus, we have the child who already feeds solid foods and does not share them with anyone and assembles toys, demonstrating how to deal with their space and material things. After this phase, the small child is already stable and starts talking and communicating, representing Gemini!

Gemini points out that no man is an island and that we need to socialize and communicate to survive and develop as humans. Equally, we need freedom of movement, and it is unhealthy to accept limitations that are not logically grounded. And to know what is or is not logical, we need to know a little about everything, and we need to read, learn!

This sign is governed by Mercury , whose mythology shows that, at birth, he already stole the weapons of Mars (ruler of Aries), already lied to get away, and understood how the object worked and modified it. Yes, a lie is part of this sign, and I do not advise it to be fed, but no one can deny that sometimes a slight lie is a matter of survival: try telling a woman the truth when she asks if she has put on weight and you will understand which ones. Little lies I’m talking. This is all Gemini, the wisdom this sign has to teach us. Gemini represents the art of living with people close to everyday life, and it takes a lot of waist play for that and a lot of flexibility.

Still, Gemini teaches that truth does not exist in practice but only a projection of our ideal. What our nature allows us to verify are versions of the truth. As Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche would say, “There are no facts, only interpretations. In turn, its intellectual nature will always seek to extract the rational from it all. Like every sign of Ar, there is here the quest for impersonality in communication and judgment.

We are in the territory of reason, and, reiterating as stated above, there is a reason why astrology symbolically situated communication in the territory of reason and not in the mysterious territory of the emotion of the Water element.

This ability to communicate ideas, interpret information and impart knowledge generously is the beauty of this sign. Knowing how to understand it, you can have a lot of fun with these people and learn too much, as here is the key to a world of tolerance and peaceful coexistence: rationally understanding people and events and integrating them!

Going deeper, the Gemini symbol, of course, is two Twin brothers, one of each sex, showing another teaching of this sign: the need for our nature to integrate its opposite/complementary sides rationally.

Twin children often appear in world mythology, as in the Roman myth of Romulus and Remus. And most of the time, one mythological twin dies, and the other survives. Translated into meaning, this represents that human nature has two sides that must be integrated: one material, bodily and earthly, and the other spiritual. If these sides came represented dissociable by Taurus and Aries, respectively, now, in Gemini, it is time to be integrated. The element that integrates them is reason, logic (represented by the element Ar).

Through the use of logical and impersonal reasoning, Gemini can integrate mind and spirit, developing logical intelligence (IQ) and spiritual intelligence (the waist game I mentioned above) that will let you know how to adapt to all sorts of things. People and situations like a true chameleon. And who said these aren’t skills we should all look for? Let’s learn from Gemini?

Until this integration is achieved, the expression of this sign will be translated by contradictory behaviors that give the impression to the less aware subject that Gemini is a sign of voluble people. This is not what happens in this journey of integrating the earthly mind with the spiritual mind, and they often change their mind, opinion, and attitude. And that includes relationships.

It is a process that must be understood and not criticized. I believe the beauty of astrology is in helping us understand and accept people rather than criticize them, and that includes ourselves.

For this process to be successful, Gemini must integrate its nature. The key lies in the opposite sign, Sagittarius, represented by the philosophical and religious mind that gives meaning and purpose to life and knowledge. If Gemini integrates these two sides of their nature, they will help the world around them be a more collaborative, rational, and happy environment.

Gemini-Sagittarius is the zodiacal axis of happiness. Are we going to read each sign’s articles carefully dozens of times to understand why and try to apply it to our lives? A tip: The secret includes integrating (not conflicting) mind and spirit, creativity and knowledge, reason, and faith. It is a challenge!

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