The Star of Bethlehem Flower: remedy for traumatic heartbreak and shock

The Star of Bethlehem Flower: remedy for traumatic heartbreak and shock

Did you know that the “Star of Bethlehem” flower is one of the most powerful for treating grief or traumatic crisis and shock situations?

The star of Bethlehem flower has highly potential properties in people who go through painful processes of depression, sadness, and even a recent or very old emotional shock, grief.

This exquisite flower is an excellent remedy for physical, mental, and spiritual pain, indicated for states of shock, which cause blockages and, therefore, an imbalance of energies.

It helps to glimpse other aspects of the individual, previously overlapped by the aftermath of the traumas The Star of Bethlehem and its catalytic effect.

Dr. Edward Bach described the benefits of this flower as a remedy to comfort and relieve pain and sorrow. The star of the Bethlehem flower can neutralize and catalyze the effects caused by nervous shock.

The reason why it is highly recommended in people with traumas, nervous breakdowns related to losses, who suffer adverse consequences and constantly live upset, depressed, or with a high degree of anxiety.

It is recommended for solid events or recent shock and likewise for shock related to events of the past.

The ideal time to use the star of Bethlehem flower

It is ideal to use the flower immediately when the accident occurs and perceive the person’s shock or state of alteration. However, excellent results have been seen and proven in treating the after-effects, whatever the traumatic experience suffered.

It is recommended for people who tend to become depressed, who are in therapy due to trauma, disturbances, or intense emotional shock.

It is recommended to have these flowers in your room, office, or favorite place in the home due to their powerful effect of neutralizing emotions and disturbances due to traumatic situations experienced.

Currently, many therapists recommend using the star of Bethlehem flower, either as drops in the bathroom, consuming the flower tea, or simply keeping the flower in a place at home or work. Be that as it may, this flower remedy has excellent benefits.

Descriptive aspect of the star of Bethlehem or Lady of the Eleven Hours

The lady of eleven o’clock, the star of Bethlehem, or the bird of the umbel belongs to the Asparagaceae family. Called “star of Bethlehem” in English, this plant comes naturally from South Africa and the Mediterranean region. It has beautiful white flowers and a scientific name ornithogalum umbellatum. It is an exceptional plant with flowers that open during the day in full sun and close again at night. It is a plant of the family of the virtuous Bach flowers: flower number 29. An elixir that aims to alleviate melancholy, feelings of unhappiness, depression and pain.

Positive features of Star of Bethlehem

  • Mental clarity.
  • Vitality.
  • Inner force.
  • Better adaptability of the nervous system to energy disturbances.
  • Ability to quickly recover from adversity.

Negative features of Star of Bethlehem

  • Disenchantment, sadness, and paralyzing regret generated by serious news or accidents.
  • The adverse event can be traced back to childhood and can also be unconscious.
  • The person does not accept advice from those around him.
  • Notorious difficulty in overcoming unpleasant situations that you have experienced.
  • High probability of suffering physical symptoms such as numbness, staggering gait, or muffled voice.

Benefits and dosage of this plant

With this plant there is no room for unhappiness, painful life, pessimism and negativity. It ensures dynamism, tone, joie de vivre, responsiveness, good humor and vitality. The Lady of the Eleven Hours opens the mind and releases various forms of depression symptoms: pain, stress, sadness, melancholy ... It also makes the individual more responsible and courageous.

Like all other Bach plants, it does not show any contraindications or side effects. Fits everyone (kids, teens, adults, the elderly, men or women). A natural boil preparation that is ideally used at a dose of 3 to 4 drops per day. The frequency is 3 to 4 times a week. To promote a harmonious, serene, pleasant, calm and happy life with the eleven-year-old lady.

How to combine the Bach Star of Bethlehem flower

The combination with Holly or Wild Oat is viable, as there could be a cold shock that is blocking everything. In this case, Bethlehem would act as a catalyst.

For those who use different types of narcotics, the Star of Bethlehem is recommended together with the Bach Crab Apple Flower.

For newborns, it is recommended to take Star of Bethlehem simultaneously as the Walnut flower to counteract the shock of birth and promote the gradual adaptation to a new way of life.

Many therapists advise adding a few drops to the bathwater of newborns. Be that as it may, this flower remedy has many excellent benefits. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of this and other Bach flowers, follow our website. Here you will find everything.

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