How To Find Out The Status Of Your Love Relationship By Zodiac Sign

How To Find Out The Status Of Your Love Relationship By Zodiac Sign

Do you think it’s time to sit down and talk about how you both feel in the relationship? - Or would it be that you could ruin the surprise when your romantic interest proposes to you?

Here is a guide on how to find out when each sign is beginning to take the relationship seriously.

Aries HoroscopeAries:

An Aries individual is prone to be very direct and to inform you about the state of the relationship at a certain moment. However, do not believe absolutely everything it tells you. An impulsive Aries can get to exaggerate his love. You will know that a ram is really in love when you unravel its soft side.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus:

Do you feel or think that your Taurus is planning a special date in advance? You may want to prepare for a deeper commitment! This traditional sign likes to take the relationship to another level with flowers, chocolates, luxury dinners, and all the clichés and have!


Gemini HoroscopeGemini:

Examine your Gemini’s written communications for clues he or she is putting to you. The words are a serious matter for this sign, so that “with love” with which he signed the last e-mail or note that I send you could really be a clue!



Have you noticed that your romantic interest Cancer wants an appointment tomorrow, the next day and even the next? A Cancerian shows your affection by wanting to spend more and more time with you in person, by phone or online.



Are you getting to accumulate a small mountain of gifts from your Leo romantic interest? Do some of these gifts become increasingly expensive? It’s not that Leo is trying to buy your love, but his extra generosity and the fact that he always offers to pay for dinner is his way of proving that you’ve won his heart.


Ironically, Virgo can come to criticize a certain person for whom he feels more serious than someone with whom he would feel only a casual or adventurous relationship. With a Virgo person, the arguments only happen because he cares! Therefore, if such criticizes you, smile inside knowing that it is because your Virgo wants you to stay by his side.


As a Libra individual becomes more serious about a relationship, he or she will want to form a team with you instead of walking apart. Therefore, if your Libra wants to share decisions, go on a trip, or do all kinds of activities together, you will know that this is a serious matter.



A Scorpio individual tends to be a little oversensitive when he or she begins to fall in love with someone. Therefore, if your cheerful or light jokes about your partner suddenly seem to cause feelings of pain, it is not because you are a bad person, it is because your Scorpion cares more about what you say or think.


It is likely that a Sagittarius will tell you when the relationship is becoming serious. However, this can sometimes be hidden in your sense of humor. If the Sagittarius makes a lot of silly jokes about marriage and having children, you can almost bet that those real issues are on your mind, and in a serious way.


It is very difficult to gain the trust of a Capricorn, so receiving signals of confidence on your part is the best indication that a Capricorn is serious about your relationship with you. If you realize that your Capricorn allows you to look over your shoulder when writing passwords or allows you to have access to your money, it means you are on a very good road!


It can be difficult to know when an Aquarius is taking you seriously since he or she may seem very serious all the time. However, what will let you know when he or she is looking at the long-term relationship is when you suggest practical things, such as the combination of cell phone plans.


Will you notice in your Pisces new possessiveness or jealousy? That only happens because he or she is completely in love with you. The passion of the Pisces tends to be a bit obsessive when their emotions turn into love.

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