Entrance Of The Sun In Taurus Sign

Entrance Of The Sun In Taurus Sign

On April 20th we had the entrance of the Sun in Taurus. Yes, we are under the vibration of the earth sign, cold and dry, Taurus is the fixed land of the zodiac.

Whoever is born with the Sun in Taurus likes the pleasures of life, feels an extra laziness and if he does not take care to procrastinate until he can no longer.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus enjoys the pleasures of life and also vibrates materiality. In the body, it governs the throat and the functioning of the endocrine glands.

Generally, whoever is born with this Sun, Moon or Taurus ascendant, has a throat with many inflammations, especially if they keep a lot without telling anyone who deserves to listen.

Jealous by nature has attachment as one of his most tyrannical feelings. Detachment is one of the almost unattainable goals of Taurus, and it doesn’t pay to know the Taurine fury of hunger, they hate going hungry!

Stubbornness, seduction, laziness, lust, possession, conservative, are some of the most striking qualities of Taurus, who will never know what the fear of working, but if possible that it does not start the day so early.

Taurus does not like the dark, unlike its opposite sign Scorpio, its complement in the zodiac wheel. So, nothing better than a light on or the security that nothing will come out of the dark for a good night’s sleep.

The entrance of the Sun in Taurus by the signs:


Be careful not to go wrong with finances, what is needed here is to learn how to balance spending with earnings. Good aspects for work partnerships and avoid exaggeration in the relationship between two! Use your creativity to not leave any project out.


The impulsiveness has its hours numbered, as Mars leaves Taurus and migrates to Gemini. The most important thing is to redefine your priorities and be sure to complete your projects! In life as a couple, care is not to weigh on jealousy and possession, understand Taurus, not everything is as you are sure it should be!


For Geminis the message is to take care of health and the body, nothing to leave for tomorrow, after all, a healthy body is necessary to be able to enjoy the good things in life! Important moment to not leave anything guarded, and carefully, to be able to share with people who represent intimacy.


Important moment to focus on your career and not be afraid to show what you came for; studies and a greater relationship with groups will also open space for greater professional growth. In relationships the important thing is to be able to take care without arresting or losing your own freedom.


A propitious moment to receive the laurels for your work, here it is also worth giving more space for what is believed to be certain in the way you carry out your duties. If there are differences of opinion, consider whether it makes sense and act if you don’t hit your hammers, but don’t forget that listening is also important! Don’t lose your intimate life due to work.


Even though it is made of gears, try not to be boring within relationships, demanding that everything is always very perfect. Here, it is also worth giving attention to travel and finding further professional development.


How’s your finance going? This is the time to sit down and do your math, nothing to spend without being sure that you will be able to afford everything without making debts. If possible, try to be less annoying with other people’s ways.


Where are the limits, do you recognize them? It is worth remembering that anyone who wants to control a lot ends up controlled. And it is now that you need to understand that you cannot go beyond so many limits or you will end up without anyone, regardless of the bond, everyone has patience and it ends for everyone, don’t overdo it!


A lot of upheaval can bring stress, so here it is worth keeping in mind that emotional exhaustion must be taken care of, even with a lot of contact with nature and the horizon! Yes, much will be changed and changed without much notice in professional life.


New friends and groups in Capricorn view, lots of news on the way! Professional life on the rise, new ways of dealing with old patterns are presented. In the relationship, good conversations will bring light to what seemed lost.


For you it is also worth adopting detachment, from things that have already happened and may still represent an outbreak within relationships. At work, openness to growth and meeting with past actions that can support today!


Good time to invest in studies and exchanges with groups, which will bring unexpected movements in your daily life. In relationships, the important thing is not to get stuck and lose your mind because of small details. Enjoy the fun with friends!

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