Émile Zola

Émile Zola was a French writer born in Paris on April 2, 1840. This native of Aries, considered the leader of the literary movement called “naturalism”, began working at the Hachette publishing house at a very young age.

Ambitious and hard-working, Zola made his living from 1865 onwards writing stories, poems, and criticism of literature and art. Among his most notable novels we can mention “Thérèse Raquin”, “The Experimental Novel”, “The Naturalist Novelists” and “Les Rougon-Macquart”; the latter, a series of twenty novels in which he was concerned with delving into the depths of various aspects of the human life of more than 200 characters, documenting the social evils of the time.

He called this new school of fiction “naturalism”, whose novels portrayed French life at the end of the 19th century. For some critics of the time, his style was exaggerated, obscene and with behavior expected of the most disadvantaged classes. For others, her work was very good and was also praised.

Passionate about everything he believed to be fair as a good native of Aries, when the Jewish soldier Alfred Dreyfus was unjustly accused of espionage for Germany, the writer wrote the famous article “I, accuse” in his defense. For this publication, Zola was taken to prison where he remained for a year. Ultimately, both were declared innocent.

A pioneer and strong character, Zola represented an important influence on later writers, not only for his literature, but also for his way of becoming socially involved. His committed style transformed him into a new cultural paradigm of the West during the 1970s.

This native of Aries died due to poisoning caused by the inhalation of gases coming from the chimney of his house at the age of 62, on September 29, 1902. His dubious death always aroused suspicion due to repeated death threats that he used to receive.

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