Elton John

Born under the name Reginald Kenneth Dwight and recognized worldwide as Elton John, this Aries native is a British pianist, composer and singer, born in Middlesex (England) on March 25, 1947.

Elton, at the age of 16, was very clear about his vocation for music, becoming in a short time an expert in singing, piano, organ, keyboard and guitar. This enthusiastic and optimistic representative of his Fire sign won an Oscar in 1995 for the song “Can you feel love tonight” from the famous movie “The Lion King.” This fact made him one of the few rock composers to receive the prestigious recognition.

Elton John, with total audacity, energy and courage towards challenges (very characteristic of individuals of the sign of Aries ), presented the “Live Aid Elton” concert before the television audience, reaching the record of 1.5 billion people.

Years later, upon the death of his friend Diana, Princess of Wales, the entire world heard him sing again at Westminster Abbey, in this case performing the song “Candle in the Wind.”

Always concerned with achieving his goals (as indicated by his Fire element), Elton has received important recognitions, including the title of Sir granted by the Order of the British Empire.

In his philanthropic side and as a good Aries native , his impulsive character also leads him to participate in social aid. The singer created the Elton John AIDS Foundation. In turn, he is a goodwill ambassador for 23 NGOs, an executive member of four charities and an effective contributor of scholarship funds to the Royal Academy of Music.

The talented English singer is considered by Billboard Magazine to be the third most important British artist of all time, behind The Beatles and Madonna. It is estimated that Elton John ‘s record sales exceed 150 million recordings.

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