Bach Flowers: Know The Benefits Of Its Remedies and Essences


Did you know that there is a flower for every emotion?

Bach flowers are one of the most used therapies as a natural treatment.

Edward Bach was a doctor who investigated the properties of 38 flowers from the countryside applicable to different emotional problems, since then they have been known as Bach Flowers.

This flower therapy starts from the idea that emotional imbalances are the origin of physical and mental illnesses. Bach flower remedies are compatible and do not substitute for other treatments. In addition, they have no contraindications, there is no risk of overdose, they do not induce secondary disorders, and they do not lead to addiction. Adults, pregnant women, newborns, children, animals and plants benefit from them.

Flower essences are prepared from the flowers of wild plants and trees that are immersed in water and exposed to the sun or boiling. This process ends in a drinkable dilution that is sold in small bottles of 10 or 20 milliliters in pharmacies and specialized stores.

Bach flowers remedies and essences

For each emotion there is an essence

Each of the 38 flowers in the Bach system helps balance an emotion. Within these 38 essences, there are groups of bach flowers:

Group 1 - Bach flowers for those who are afraid

  • Aspen
  • Cherry Plum,
  • Mimulus
  • Red Chestnut
  • Rock rose

Group 2 - Bach flowers for those who feel uncertain

  • Cerato
  • Gentian
  • Gorse
  • Hornbeam
  • Scleranthus
  • Wild Oat

Group 3 - Bach flowers for those who have disinterest in the present circumstances:

  • Clematis
  • Chestnut Bud
  • Honeysuckle
  • Mustard
  • Olive
  • White Chestnut
  • Wild rose

Group 4 - Bach flowers for those who feel lonely

  • Heather
  • Impatiens
  • Water Violet

Group 5 - Bach flowers for those who are too influenced by others

  • Agrimony
  • Centaury
  • Holly
  • Walnut

Group 6 - Bach flowers for those who feel discouraged and despair

Group 7 - Bach flowers for those who care too much about the welfare of others

  • Beech
  • Chicory
  • Rock water
  • Vervain
  • Came

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