Dream of Slime - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

A dream in which slime appears to you is a warning that you are becoming overly involved in something that you find to be completely uninteresting. A state of mind in which even contemplating something brings about feelings of revulsion or unease. feelings regarding individuals or circumstances in which you cannot place your trust. a strong aversion to something that can be challenging and unpleasant to eliminate from your life.

A woman had a recurring nightmare about stepping in some kind of green slime. In her waking life, she was jealous of the possibility that she was ruining her life after accidentally getting pregnant with a third child with a man she wasn’t planning on keeping a relationship with. She already had two children from her previous relationship, and she didn’t want to have any more children with this man. It’s possible that the green slime she stepped in was a reflection of how she felt about the man who got her pregnant after they had sex, despite the fact that she wasn’t particularly attracted to him enough to want to be in a committed relationship with him.

A man had a recurring nightmare about encountering a slimy slug. In his waking life, he had the impression that anyone who wanted something from him for nothing was not someone he could trust. It’s possible that the slime was a manifestation of his intense reluctance to hand out freebies to someone he believed was taking advantage of him. He may have felt that doing so would establish a pattern that would be difficult to break without making himself appear dishonest.

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