Spiritual Biblical Meaning of eMail in a Dream

If you dream that someone is sending or receiving an email to or from you, it is a sign that you need to communicate with a person who can be emotionally distant at times. It may also imply that you do not consider yourself to be very close to the individual and that you maintain a certain degree of distance in your relationship with them. In the event that you get an email, it means that someone is attempting to get in touch with you while you are awake. Who is the sender of the email to you? Keep an eye out for a fresh message that could be coming your way very soon.

It’s possible that reading or receiving an email message in your dream is symbolic of a message from someone that you didn’t “get” in waking life and the dream is reiterating it for you. Alternatively, it might be a message from your unconscious self. In any scenario, the email contains a message that should be taken seriously and should not be ignored.

Dreams about emails might represent a variety of different things, based on the associations you already have in waking dream with this form of electronic communication. If you are currently up to your neck in work, then losing your cool after opening an email may be an indication of the high levels of stress and pressure that you are being subjected to on the job. On the other hand, if you have been keeping an eye out for a reply to a personal email, then this dream vision may be trying to tell you that you are feeling anxious about some information that you have been waiting for. There is a possibility that you will soon get some shocking information, whether you were expecting it or not.

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