Does God Prayer Give Us The Power To Heal?

Does God Prayer Give Us The Power To Heal?

Virtually everyone at some point in life has already said a prayer. This is usually a habit of people who have some faith in the invisible. In Catholicism, the term “pray” is used more. However, prayer and prayer are different things. When you pray, you are repeating ready-made phrases as if they were a mantra. In prayer, you let out what is in your heart. It is like a spontaneous conversation, whether with God, higher self, angels, or guides, no matter the name. Generally, when we pray, we intend to connect with some invisible force.

Why do we say the prayer?

In most cases, prayer is used to ask for favors from divine forces, protection, material goods, personal conveniences, etc. Some are answered, others are not. A large part is not attended to according to the prayers’ wishes. And that leads us to a reflection on the subject. Does praying for something work? Does prayer have the power to change a situation in people’s lives? The answer to both questions is “no”.

Does prayer change our lives?

Prayer does not change anyone’s life or make something work. It may be a vibrational tool, but it is not the solution. The solution lies in what emanates or ceases to emanate. Asking does not solve. Pleading, still less. Cosmic forces are not in the Universe to serve as fairy godmothers to us. God is not Santa Claus. This is all a fairy tale, fantasy.

The reality of life is that you create your reality. And you don’t need prayer for that; you need to emanate the vibration of what you want and get in harmony with it. That done, you solve any problem. The proof of this is that many people do not believe in anything (concerning God) and achieve everything. Many others believe, pray, pray, do novena, current and nothing happens or very little. How to contest reality? Saying that God chooses to help some and not others? This has no consistency at all. Believing in this is profound ignorance, life delay. It is a belief that does not help at all, and on the contrary, it only gets in the way.

Does prayer have any benefit?

Yes many! As long as it changes the way you feel. If praying gave you confidence, then it was good. If praying gave you strength and peace, it was good. The real prayer is not asking God for things; it is creating, emanating, assuming, placing oneself with faith, trust, love, and positivity before something.

It is positioning yourself as a creator that determines what you want and not asking as a beggar. And why do some achieve what they ask for through prayers? Because in doing this, they activated the energy of that, and then, there was the manifestation. It wasn’t because God answered because, in fact, He always says “yes” to everyone. But “yes” to what we vibrate and not to what we merely ask for. If so, everyone would already have everything they want.

Because whoever asks will need the approval and goodwill of some cosmic force out there to get what they asked for. And without due merit, there is no way to be served. Those who emanate, assume, dress and determine, are creating for themselves. He became his own inner God. Because that is what we are. He lives in us, and it is past time to accept that we are indeed the power in our destiny.

Opportunity to exercise creative power

If you want to pray, make it an opportunity to exercise your creative power and express unconditional gratitude. If you want to ask your guides, God, Jesus, etc., ask for wisdom, light, and knowledge instead of asking for things. Because knowledge is power and whoever has power has everything. Whoever assumes himself as a co-creator does not pray to ask, creates what he wants. And he takes advantage of the moments of prayer to emanate light, grace, love, and, of course, to strengthen his communion and harmony with the Universe, in positivity.

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