Does Love Between Same Zodiac Signs Work?


Relationships between people of the same sign can work very well! Of course, in order to have a real sense of the couple’s compatibility, it is necessary to analyze the complete atrial maps and dedicate themselves to a study of synastry, since all the planets on the map will influence their personality. And it is always worth remembering that there is no one who has only the energy of a sign in the personality. The characteristics of each person are mixtures of the energies of different signs indicated by the positioning of all the planets in the solar system on the person’s birth chart.

Now, taking into account the general archetype of each sign, what would relationships be like between couples with a lot of energy from just one sign between them? See below (in a very good mood) and have fun!

Aries with Aries

Surely this will be the most impulsive couple in the zodiac. So impulsive that, while you read this text, they have already gone out to do something. Whether for good or for bad. Too much initiative energy coming from both sides can either lead you both to have a lot of experiences or lead to many conflicts and instant fights.

Taurus with Taurus

The most stable couple in the zodiac will only leave home if they go to work or to eat in a good restaurant. Fights will be rare, as both will always have their mouths full to argue, unless there is a money problem at stake.

Gemini with Gemini

This relationship will seem more like a dispute to see who speaks more and with more people at the same time. What in the end may not work, because neither of them will be able to stand still with one person even for a few minutes.

Cancer with Cancer

Two Cancerians together can be very useful for each other. Mainly to wipe the other’s tears while watching romantic comedies together. In addition, it will be the most emotional couple in the zodiac and also the one with the most cute nicknames for each other.

Leo with Leo

It will not be a relationship, but a constant contest to see who shows the most to the world. If one of the two thinks he is losing, the ego will be hurt and the relationship will end, but not without a good fight that can become a play.

Virgo with Virgo

Also known as the couple OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). The level of perfectionism of the two together will be so great that even an unpretentious dinner in a restaurant can be comical, with each choosing the cleanest cutlery and aligning the food symmetrically on the plate.

Libra with Libra

It will probably be the most beautiful and well-groomed couple at a party (to arouse the Leonins’ ire) and they will never get into a fight, as harmony reigns between them. The only problem will be when it comes to making decisions, because for those who always try to please each other, it is difficult to choose anything.

Scorpio with Scorpio

With so much sexual and passionate energy involved, they are a couple who will not get out of bed easily. But when you leave, you can manipulate the people around you as a beautiful, sensual, Machiavellian duo.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius

Their adventurous spirit will take them on many trips and parties. The hard thing is going to be maintaining monogamy with so many tempting options for fun available in this immense world that looks more like an amusement park for both.

Capricorn with Capricorn

This is a relationship that can last for decades, for sure. Mainly because they will both see each other little, as they will be working late every day. At least the couple’s bank account will always be up.

Aquarius with Aquarium

It is the friendliest couple in the zodiac. So friendly that you will decide to have a relationship based on free love ... Sharing a bed with friends can be great! Especially in the hippie community where the couple will live.

Pisces with Pisces

It’s a couple who can create art together, but it’s a very dangerous relationship for their health. When they are depressed together, it will be difficult to get them out of the hole.

I hope you read this text in a very good mood, as there is no right formula for love to happen. Therefore, the combination of signs in love can serve to have fun and laugh, but never as a compass that says where the perfect pair is for each one. If you want to find luck in love, take a chance and don’t be afraid to get involved with any person, regardless of their sign. Good luck!

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