MEDITATION ON THE FULL MOON - Transformational Journeys

MEDITATION ON THE FULL MOON - Transformational Journeys

The Moon is one of the most admired stars in our sky. Because of its beauty, admiration for the Moon is common in different cultures and beliefs. Its luminosity and phases bring a certain mysticism to the star. The Moon is seen by many as one of the most mystical stars in the zodiac, responsible for variations in our mood and strong influence in various events.

Moon phases

The Moon cycle consists of four phases. These phases refer to the apparent change in the illuminated visible portion of the satellite due to its position concerning the Earth and the Sun.

The phases of the Moon are growing, waning, full and new. Each phase is responsible for different astral influences. Each phase radiates different energies to the period and can interfere positively or negatively in making certain decisions.

The Full Moon

The full phase is considered to be one of the most critical phases for humanity. In this phase, the Moon radiates a very great luminosity and becomes large and clear. According to astrologers, it is in this luminosity that very positive vibrations and energies are found for our astral plane.

When the Moon is full, the spiritual energies of the star are even more powerful.

The power of meditation

Through meditation, human beings can establish an even more complete and direct connection with the stars.

In the practice of meditation, many people often find solutions to their problems, answers to questions, or achieve a more direct and pure connection between the physical and the spiritual.

Full Moon Meditation

During the Full Moon period, the energies that reach Earth are much more pure and intense. The spiritual energies established by the Full Moon bring specific qualities to the constellation.

The Full Moon meditation can be done individually or in a group. The form of meditation should be decided by the practitioner, according to his experience concerning the practice.

Individual Meditation

Some people feel more comfortable in the practice of individual meditation. In this case, we advise you to look for a quiet place, without much noise, where you can make your direct connection with higher beings.

Choose an environment where the Moon’s illumination can be seen clearly and directly, making the star bring even more energy and positive vibration to practice. Meditation must be done in the early days of the Moon phase. At this moment, the star is on its elevated plane and will be responsible for even more potent influences.

Group Meditation

Group meditation must respect each other’s timing. Although everyone performs the practice simultaneously, it is essential to respect the beliefs and connections of each participant.

Group meditation should also be carried out in a quiet and quiet place, preferably with a strong influence of the moonlight. Connection with the star and the most influential will be the vibrations and energies received.

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